Yesterday was 6 months since I've seen you. Your 20th birthday is in a few short days. I wish you were here. Dad misses you so much, he still can't function correctly. Everyone is going to get together for a soccer game in your memory, all of your friends, and we even invited Kay, because that's how you would want it. I've been so upside down without you. It seems like its only gotten worse the closer we get to your birthday. Alec even misses you; in his 2 year old mind, you just haven't visited recently, he still asks "Where's Robby?" I wish you were here.

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Comment by Carrie L on June 6, 2010 at 8:17pm
Hi Jessica your blog moved me. I am so sorry about your brother I lost my son Morgan. I don't really like to write this because I don't really like to believe it. why how why how that is all i think about and i have to tell myself he is gone because he is. there is no one here to cry with. i call mom all the time. but your mom lost her son. you can't call her without upsetting her. my mom lost her grandson but i lost my son. and Lee lost his brother. as did cass. but he was my son. and i had plans as i guess i know you did .... i am sorry it is not near healed as i really don't think it ever will be. i am sorry. so sorry carrie l

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