Advice @ Stage 4 Lung Cancer survivor impending death


     my name is Tony Sabino, I'm living in Plantation Florida close to my older sister who has just been advised that she has @ 6 months to live...what I'm hoping is that though I may be jumping the gun by sharing my question before her death in this forum....possibly one of you can help me understand and deal with what's happening in my life and my sister's too.

     my problem is that my sister Barbara is not going to share the truth about her condition and the fact that she has been told that she'll live @ 6 months with my Mother, who is 88 years young, my younger sister, who is 55, her daughter Tess who is 12 and Barbara's only son Jesse who is 17.

     I have talked with Barbara more than once about telling her closest relatives the truth about her condition. She flatly refuses saying that she doesn't feel any of her kin that I mentioned are emotionally stable enough to handle her truth. Apart from the way she has cut off any greater outpouring of love and caring from these kin if they knew her condition, she has unwittingly opened me up to criticism after her death when my family will chide me for not telling them what she told me IN CONFIDENCE about her condition...

     I would welcome any thoughts around this situation and sincerely hope that I'm not in the wrong place here....thanks


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