My son died due to the fentanyl patch..he did notihing wrong, no medications that should not have been in his body were in his body, it was ruled accidental..I then (too late) looked it up on the internet and these patches have been responsible for many "accidental" deaths..they release too much medication into the body and kill the patient.  They have been recalled several times only to be rereleased.  Had the pharmecudical companies and the FDA not allowed this my son would still be here today.  As well there were so many things we were not told and so many signs from the moment he started that blasted patch that there was something wrong.  Further he had central sleep should have never been prescribed to him in the first place...

Anyway..we are seeking to find an atty who will work with us to make sure that there won't be another family sitting in my place asking "why was this even allowed on the market?"  One has turned us down so far. 

Here's the thing..I am pretty sick myself.  I live with myalgic Encephalomyellitis..I live with extreme pain and indescribeable exhaustion among many  other symptoms daily.  Knowing this, do you think IF I could manage to do a cross country or very long bike ride (multi day/ multi state) to draw attention to this you think THEN  people might pay attention and something might get done???

I cannot sit back and do nothing.  I cannot let me son's death be in vain.  And I cannot live with myself if one more person dies because of these and I did nothing.

go to Colllege.


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Comment by Lori Jones-Andy's mom on March 20, 2012 at 10:07am

You must think I've fallen off the deep end?  I told my doctor my intentions yesterday (I have to go in the hospital Mon due to some swelling that isn't responding to treatment for a couple days and her only response was that she thought I'd already began my battle because she had read something about the patch in the paper.  I told her, no that wasn't me,  I intend to be much louder than that. ;)  I know she's going to do some tests while I'm in the hospital, I'm sure...And I fully understand the pain I'm in for but it's nothing compared to the emotional pain I'm dealing with...maybe if I can't help one I can the other...IDK.  I'm not crazy..I'm stubborn and determined and if I don't do something I...well I just feel like if someone had done something sooner Andy would still be here so maybe I can save someone else from this and at least it won't be for nothing.

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