I intended to write more about my ATTEMPT to get away when I got this chance to write but that's going to wait..

People who are not animal lovers will not understand this and might as well stop here.  We lost yet another beloved family member today, one who was very close to Andy making it even more difficult to face.  Our most easy going, loving furry feline family member was struck and killed this morning.   Some would say that animals don't grieve and some dont seem to but Tucker (our baby we lost) and Lucy our Boarder Collie mix have neither one been the same since Andy's passing.  Now Lucy, I feel is the closest in the house to understanding how I feel.  She was always there with Andy and she and Tucker were uniquely close.  They would always let me know when the other was wanting inside..they would worry when one was outside and a storm was coming and Lucy would not settle down at night until Tucker was in safe and sound for the night.  (Although there were many times when Tucker would go up to Andy's window and be let in that way without Lucy's knowledge..mean trick if you ask me.)  This poor dog laid by the box holding Tuckers body and whimpered until he was buried..we gave her extra time and she took every bit of it.  Yes, she understands.  She's sat out back watching the area where he is buried since..waiting, hoping..

I understand..I do the same.  I still sit, waiting, hoping.  I wonder, does she have the tiny comfort of the picture in her head of Tucker bounding across Rainbow Bridge into Andy's waiting arms?  Sometimes I think God gives animals some kind of insight that gives them comfort and security that we don't have.  For Lucy's sake..I pray that's true.  I wish for me God would show me how they do it.


Please God no more ..

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