Casey only 22, died in Japan and was living his dream.

My name is Marsha and My son Casey was just into his 2nd year of teaching English Communications.  He had also spent 1 year of going to collage in Japan.  Yes, you can say he loved Japan.  It was odd how Casey just 2 months earlier before his death was begging me to come for a visit during his spring break because he wasn't one to go on and on about anything.  Well,  I spoke to his father and said Casey really seemed to feel it was important for me to come for a visit.  So I bought my tickets and went the following 3 weeks.  We had a wonderful time together and I than understood why he loved Japan so.  Casey had so many friends who loved him there as well.  I will never forget the last time I saw him.  I was like being in a movie.  I just kept on waving my hand and telling Casey that I loved him crying the whole time.  And I could see Casey waving back at me with this look on his face that read yes, I love you, you a little crazy now, but that's ok. Just nearly 4 days latter the State Department called and had told me that a 3 ton truck had hit him from behind while he was on his bike going home.  His heart stopped beating nearly 2 hours latter.  Casey died 4/14/2012.  It took 2 weeks to bring Casey back home.  You had to give them $20,000 in cash to have a person sent home.  Our first thought, where are we going to get that kind of money???  My husband is a Scout Master of like 15 years now and is well loved by so many thank god.  It just happend to be that 1 of our scout fathers was a bank president.  He ask my husband what can I do for you?  Dennis, my husband, just said that we needed to get our boy home.  This man just basically handed him the cash and said we would have to pay it back in a month.  We finally was able to bring home our Casey.  It just never seems to stop.  We live near our phones and computer now.  We have a lawyer there working on finding justice for our Casey.  Remember, he died April 14.  We are still waiting for the police report.  we are told a few months is the normal wait time.  Our lawyer says Casey should get the justice he deserves but it takes time.  They usually settle out of court.  Lord I hope so.  I feel like I am in the movie Ground Hogs Day.  We just received his personal stuff last week.  Loosing a son is hard enough but to deal with all this stuff in Japan is making it so hard on us.  Do not feel it will ever end.  So tired of it all.  Just want to sleep. But when I close my eyes I see Casey and that truck.  I just do not know what to do.

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Comment by marsha lowe on May 30, 2012 at 7:38pm

It is hard enough dealing with his having to loose my Casey but the near $50,000 we owe for the cost of the death is hurting us badly.  Our lawyer is still waiting for the police report so that we can begin to get Casey his justice he so deserves.  I do not understand why this is costing so much money and it wasn't Casey's fault.  I know his day will come but until than I have a hard time dealing with the whole mess.  I just want Casey back.

Comment by Phyllis Estes on May 30, 2012 at 7:34pm

I know how you feel about losing him, as I lost a son also.  However, I can not in any way relate to what you are going through with Japan!  Ohmigosh!  That's just so much to go through at once.  I can only pray hard for you and your family.  It will all work out honey.  Our Lord is good!!  You will see, it will come together in time...then you can grieve like you have to do for your child.

Hugs to you!

~PHYLLIS~ Chads' Mom

Comment by Tammy Casillas on May 30, 2012 at 7:24pm
I know nothing anyone can say will remove an ounce of your pain. At least you got to see him as of recent. He was very accomplished and living his dream. That must bring some comfort.
I know what you mean by living like the movie ground hog day. I'm so sorry this happened to him!

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