I Count My Blessings

Every Sunday morning our minister starts the service with an introductory phrase followed by, “So let us celebrate!” During the week, when there was something for which Joe was thankful, he would often say, “So let us celebrate,” exactly mimicking the minister’s voice and intonations. It always made me smile. I realize I have not been celebrating my blessings.

I Celebrate My:

Family who loves me

Two best friends, and other friends

“Talking” relationship with God

Church and worship that spiritually fulfill me

Five senses in good working order

Home where I feel secure

Returning appetite and good health

Project that gives purpose to my life

Trusted renter in my apartment

Finances sufficient for my needs

Treasured memories of my time with Joe

Beginnings of a new life

My many blessings have gotten drowned in my sorrows. Here I lift them out, one by one. I will list more. I need to read this list often and realize how truly blessed I am.

How are you blessed? Sometimes when we've experienced a loss it is helpful to remember the good in our lives. Tell us what you're thankful for and how you celebrate the blessings in your life. Share your story below.

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