There are really no words that we can speak that truly expresses the pain in ones heart when we lose a loved one in death.

When just one person dies it generates unspeakable pain in many. Parents, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and sometimes even the general public when something happens on a grand scale. (ex: Chardon High School)

Everyone handles these things in their own way with their own faith. (even atheism is a form of belief and faith)

I have found the information in the following link to be very comforting. It is information that will not be for everyone. It will be very different for most, but at the same time it can be, and has been very comforting for some. At the very least it will be educational at a time in our lives when new ideas can be effective therapy.

Please go to the link below. It will take you to a a wonderful book that uses God's word for comfort.

I have personally found great comfort in what I found there.

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