by Jane McKee Varley on Monday, March 15, 2010
When I was a little girl, a mear 4 or 5, my daddy used to pick me up, and
dance me across the kitchen floor. I would always sit on daddys lap as
he sat on his rocking chair. He would share his peanuts, and I'd sneak
some of his beer.
We'd watch the all time oldies; Bonanza, Rat Patrol, Combat, Chief
Halftown, the ball games, and the day that Bobby Kennedy was shot.
When I'd get sleepy, I'd lay on the couch, then daddy would place his
silk lined blue cordorouy jacket on me, place the marble table next to
the couch, so as I wouldn't fall off. He's carry me off to bed, where I
shared a room with my Nanny(Grandmom), daddy would put the nightlight
on, and wind up the musical beerstein, with the most pretty music, that
would put me to sleep. As I heard the music, daddy would say, I was a
dancer at a ball and he was dancing with me.

These and so many other memories, are with me, til the end.
I love my dad, he will always be with me.
God placed his hand in mine, many years ago.
This was His promise, that Daddy would never let go.

I love you, Daddy
~ Funny ~

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