Eulogy Worksheet

Eulogy Worksheet

A Eulogy is a "word picture" of a diseased Soul's life here on Earth.  A Eulogy can be written and given by one person or it can be a "shared Eulogy" between two people. In a shared Eulogy two people can work together to cover different aspects of the loves one's life. Typically, a Eulogy may last anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

In times of particular grief, the bereaved may seek additional Eulogy support from a Reverend or Celebrant. Rev. Lee's empathetic connection with families allows her to assist the family in highlighting the most essential and revered moments of the departed's life; additionally providing not only Eulogy support, but also a therapeutic and comforting environment for the grieving process.

Here are some simple guidelines to assist in remembering the details of a loved one's life.

Full name and nickname:

Place of birth and year:

Childhood stories and memories:




Favorite music:




Significant other:


Funny stories:


Awards and recognition:

Finally, if you find sharing the Eulogy overwhelming, opening the Eulogy to stories from guests can be very helpful and comforting. Remember you cannot do this wrong. Relax, take your time, have a drink of water nearby and know you are loved.

Rev. Lee

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