Hi Theresa,

I just read your post regarding the S O S Convention. You are spot on with everything you said.

I have a couple of suggestions.

If a Suicide survivor doesn't have a pet, getting one that provides love and companionship really helps
It requires commitment, time and energy but, as you said, sometimes you just have to "put one foot iN front of the other" it's a way of putting more attention out rather than focusing inward. Plus there is the reward of the unconditional love. You can also talk to them about your beloved and you don't have to feel silly about talking out loud to yourself.

Ask God to give you a new "positive thought or affirmation" each day. Get a recipe box with 3x5 cards and write 1 thought or message on each card then add a little commentary of your own, such as:

The sky was a beautiful azure blue this evening. In Eternity, Charles, you and I will share millions of beautiful moments together such as this. Or it could be a love note to the one you've lost. Keep these short. Your journal idea is excellent! In your journal you may want your entries to be a little more in depth. With the 3x5 cards, at any time when you want to read a little message that triggers a special thought or feeling you had it will be instantaneous. You may want to do a separate one for, say every 3-6 months then punch holes in them an insert metal rings or ties so you have a flip chart. So it could be 3 months on one side and the next three months on the back side. You don't have to force your self every day to write on a card but you may want to date each one in the corner.

If you place it by on your nightstand then try to make a habit of praying each morning as you awake or when you go to sleep you may want to add a message to your loved one as the inspiration comes.

What I've found is God wants us to have joy but Satan comes to steal that from us. When our thoughts are on God's creations, His plan for our lives and the hope and promises He offers us, we have every reason to rejoice. This life is temporary but eternity is forever.

God Bless You and all your efforts to comfort others!

Love Margo

When we remember that everything is eternal and this period of separation is only temporary it helps
us cope with "the moment".

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Comment by Theresa Sweaney on November 22, 2011 at 1:53am

Hi Margo,

I don't know how, but I missed your entry until now.  Your letter is very encouraging to me, and I appreciate it, even 1-1/2 months after you wrote it, LOL!  Intuitively, I have already been doing a few of the ideas you listed, such as the small positive-thought/affirmations.  I have also just recently opened myself up to the idea of a pet.  I'll go now and listen to the song you recommend.  And thank you so much for writing.  I hope it didn't seem like I ignored you, but I think I just missed this because it was in blog format, and it was by accident that I stumbled across it just now!  Maybe God was saving it for me for just the right time :)  Yours, Theresa


Comment by Margo powell on October 7, 2011 at 1:45pm
Dear theresa,

I was just reminded of a beautiful song I had wanted to recommend to the support groups.

Go on You Tube and watch Josh Groban and Sissel sing "The Prayer", It'll probably make you cry but in a good way!

Blessings, Margo

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