I believe that grief is the other side of love. When our loved one is alive we express our love in a multitude of ways. We do not automatically stop loving, or stop wanting to love our loved one when he or she dies. So what do we do with all that love? We grieve. Grief is a plethora of feelings, but at the bottom of it, it is unexpressed/unrequited love. Mourning, or as I like to say Good Mourning, is a conscious decision to go towards grief with the intention of sharing it. Fundamentally, mourning requires the sharing of grief. When we move toward grief we open ourselves up to the opportunity for moving through grief. It is this "moving through" grief that leads to our healing. Not healing in the sense of letting go, or forgetting our loved one, but healing in the sense of turning the hard, sharp stabbing pain into a soft, welcoming memory. Good mourning allows us to make room in our lives for the absence of someone we love.
When we do not move through grief,that is, when we do not fully mourn the death, we never heal the gaping wound left behind when a loved one dies. We never feel that sense of peace. We fail to rest easy in our lives. We do not heal.
I hope for you today, that you make a decision to move toward your grief and share it with someone you trust not to judge you or give you advice. In that place you can feel what you need to feel so that you can heal what you need to heal. Be Well!

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