I raised my children knowing God and Jesus, but as an adult, my son Charles (seemed to have) made a determination against belief in God (I say this, understanding that only God knows our hearts).  At some point he progressively became ill with schizophrenia.  Without knowing for sure, I think the illness came after the decision regarding belief in a God (unless the early part of his disease process, before we recognized it, still influenced him). There are so many various beliefs, even within the Christian tradition, that it leaves me uncertain whether I will one day see my son in heaven.  This is a great source of distress to me.  I don't mean to start a controversial discussion by any means.  Please feel free to express your own feelings and why, while endeavoring to show positive regard for the beliefs others hold close.

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Comment by Theresa Sweaney on December 31, 2011 at 4:16am

Dear Margaret, Thank you so much for your reply to my inquiry.  I will read and meditate on the scripture verses you have included, and I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness to share them with me.  Lord bless you.

Comment by Margaret Lopez on December 29, 2011 at 9:59am

Mrs. Sweaney you have my sincere condolences on the lost of your son.  I have found that regardless of what different religions teach i have to stick to what the Bible says. Otherwise there's a ball of confusion with the varying beliefs and all.  You made a very true statement when you said that only God knows our hearts.  I can only share with you what i've learned through a very thorough study of the scriptures.  God know's and understands why a person chooses to believe in him or not.  He understands that a person could lose faith because of different factors that play a role in a persons life even mental illness.   He takes all that into account and remembers that we are just dust (Psa 103:14) I am going to give reference to some scriptures that i think you will find helpful and comforting.  (Acts 24:15) (John 5:28) (Eccl 9:5,10) (Eccl 7:7)(2cor 1:3,4).  I pray that these be a source of comfort and help to you and please respond if you would like to discuss or just talk about how you feel.

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