How do you help a grieving boyfriend?


Firstly, I'd like to thank anyone with helpful words, and all of you with the kindness to acknowlegde my concern. My boyfriend and I have been dating for several months, and I feel a strong, lasting bond with him. With that said, he has endured a heartache of a broken bond like no other. The bond of brotherhood. Almost one brief year ago today, his older brother had passed away in a sudden accident. These moments, these hours of the day, since the tragedy of his brother, have become the one of the most impressionable times of his life, I believe. Being a teenager is tough enough, but what he has to bear is affliction to it's greatest extent. Sometimes, when he's down, I can see the agony in his eyes. I don't know how to help him at all. When he talks about his brother, I listen very intensively. When he studders in search of words, I tell him if he want's to explain I will always listen and if not, I am still always there for anything, even if it's simply a hug. But I don't know any comforting words of wisdom. I'm reluctant to say anything at all, in fear it'll make thinks worse. When he says he needs me, I feel obligated to fix this. I do understand that it is not my responsibility to repair his heartache. Nor do I have any impliments to do so. I'm not capable of mending this pain greater than both me and him. I accept that Time will be the most significant mending factor. However, I feel that he's unhealthily depending on me to carry him through this. I can't explain how afraid I am for something to happen; in the result of him losing me. How would he go on? When he says I'm his world, I take it to the heart because I think he truly believes he has no one and nothing but me. The way he says "I love you", several times in one conversation makes me think he also has similar fears of losing me. Please, understand that this is not a plead from me because some intolerable stress he brings to me. That is not it at all. I am asking if this is healthy. And if there is anything that I can do to better help him as he grieves. Thank you for your time.

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