I Feel So Alone! Does anyone have any help for me?

It Has been 1 yr. & 5 month's, I still cannot seem, To get it together! Everyone's life's go on, & Mine is still standing still! There are so many health Problem's within my own Family! I am  trying to step up to the plate & Help But There is still apart of me That is Being selfish? I Hate being alone, I hate not having anyone to talk to! I Have so many health Problem's Myself, But My Brother's & Sister's are worse! But @ Least They all have some to talk to! Some one to tell them it's going to be alright! But When I Type this Down, I Do Sound Petty & Selfish! Iam A Awful Person! I Pray The Lord Will Forgive me? I Have No One to tell me it's going to be Ok! Good But Another Thing That Hurt me Today is My Youngest  Daughter! I have 3 beatiful Daughter's But I seemed Clostest to my Youngest! But Latley I have Noticed That she is not treating me like she used to? She has a Friend , Daughter Who Lost her Father of Cancer after a Long Battle about 1 month ago, Which is also How I Lost My First Husband also! & She work's Part Tine @ The 911 dispatch Center  & She also does Massage Therpy! So She would go over to her Friend's House & Give Their Mother Massage's! Which is something she does not do for Me!!I Have trying to find a Greif Group That I Could go to? & I Told her today that I Think I might have found one! & She Told Me This Other Woman was going to a group! An After all this time I have been looking for one, She didnt tell me that there was one? Also I Asked her To Tell The Woman That I Had been thru the same thing with My First Late Husband so I Truly understand How she Feel! But I My Daughter just Quit Talking to me about it & The Tenison was Awful! It Was Like I Crossed a Line That I was Not allowed to Cross! I Dont Under stand? & I Dont Know What to say? It is Like Iam Not Good enough to tall to her Friend's? Iam @ a Loss? I Dont Want to fight with her! But I Have Lost 2 Husband's! Lord I dont Know what she is thinking about me? When Ever she need's something done or need's Money or someone to watch The Kid's She is Very Ok With That! I Even gave her gas money for taking me today it was only $5.00 & I broght her lunch, but I asked her if that was OK? & All She said was well i did drive 77 miles? but She Dropped Me off Then went  grocery Shopping & Left Me Setting outside waiting on her! & Then We Went to visit my sister in the hospital! She is not doing very well @ all So Iam Asking for Prayer's For Her! What is Wrong with Me? Iam Losing it! My Daughter treat's me, Like She Doesnt care about me execpt when she need's me? I Dont Know What to say or do anymore? I Hate Being so alone & Now I cant even talk to my Youngest Daughter

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