10years and 19 day since you whent away .momma loves you . Jonathan and Courtny have 2 boys William and Matthew Jonathan say Matthew is a Mini Mark .Tommy has moved away he's near the beach  he could never go back out to that lake . And your Baby sister AMY  is getting married .Daddy is doing fine But he hasnt played hi guitar since you left .Me will I get up every morning and i remind myself to breathe and then I go to sleep and do it all over again the next day .and yes i found the puppys and i know this is your doing thanks for trying the are doing well eating ontheir own now . I saved them just they way you taught me too .honey water more honey more water and lots of love and hugs . i dont know how you always know when to send me broken babys  when I need care for someting are lose it all keep sending them and i will keep mending them but all the broken babys in this world cand mend my broken heart ,But as you like to say its a as good as any place to start. love you momma


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