It really is okay to laugh...I know my son would.

Kissed by an Angel- Why did God make lightening bugs?  My last post of the poem I got from this same page...this I found as I read further and I've actually smiled.  Felt guilty, how could I smile?  But I swear sometimes if you don't have a little laughter in your life you will go insane.  I learned that much when my mother was terminally ill..actually I grew up in a family who just often had a bad timing for humor that had a good way of  lifting the mood.  I could tell you the story about when my mother's brain cancer had advanced far enough that she through my brother out of her hospital room.  ...because he was wearing a dress.  Which of course he wasn't.  But it would have been quite a sight to see had he been given that he was well over 6 ft tall and 300lbs at the time!    Now to some, laughing at our poor mothers misfortune was sick and disrespectful but who do you think raised us?????? And come on, don't tell me you didn't think it was a bit funny when you pictured it yourself!


I'm going to tread on thin ice here in my own mind..because I try to just think he's not gone.  But he's reallly not.  My son has the same sense of humor and was always protective.  He had hated that I smoked.  Well his stepdad and I quit for over a year and just started again...since he's been gone I can't keep a cigarette lit!  I am completely serious my husband and daughter can confirm it or if anyone lives near me and wants to step out for a smoke...I KNOW it's my "lovely" son and I can just see him enjoying that power of putting out my cigarettes over and over where before he couldn't do anything but complain!  And that's not alll...I complained to him "Why just me?  How come you let Dad smoke his?"  After enough complaining  <grin> now his have started being put out as well!

We had another "incident" which I won't go into great detail about but it involved very bad timing of him blasting the radio on our alarm clock for just oh...10 to 20 seconds as loud as it would go.  The alarm was not set...and it was just that short 10 to 20 seconds at full volume, which it was not set at...and at what my son would have found hilarious timing...we however did not.

He shows me in acually quite a few other ways that he's here...but this was about humor. Apparently God does indeed appreciate a sense of humor.  Oh Heaven's going to be such an interesting place!!!!!

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