It was my darling Clive's funeral today.

I am so glad I found a site like this where I can chat with people who has or are going through grief.

My journey started on the 14th February 2014 when my partner Clive suffered a server stroke which left him with many health complications. I cared for him for the last 3 years and on the 7th July 2017 he suddenly passed away. His funeral was today the 20th July 2017.

I am broken and don't know how I am going to go on. The silence and the empty house is driving me mad. How do I go on?

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Comment by Sara Murphy on July 21, 2017 at 8:49am

Ashley......I'm so sorry for your loss.  I'm also glad you found this site.  It was a lifesaver for me, to be able to talk to people who understand this grief.  My husband also had many health issues beginning in 2008 but 2015 was a bad year and he passed away on 1/13/16 at the age of 52.  Like Mike said, it's a one day at a time thing.  Don't put any pressure on yourself to do anything you're not up to.  Especially in the beginning, just taking a shower or walking to the mailbox can be a monumental task.   I myself am still broken after 18 months but I do go on and somehow you will too.  If one day at a time is too much, then take it one hour at a time or one minute if you need.   If you haven't yet joined the Bereaved Spouses group, then I think you should.  Reading the comments wall may help some.

Hugs to you


Comment by Michael Smith on July 21, 2017 at 6:18am

Take it one day at a time and don't let people tell you how to grieve. Every person is different. There is no time table to follow.  Holding back the tears really hurts more than it helps. I let them flow when they come up. I can remember having to pull my truck off the road because I was crying so hard I couldn't see. The people here are very compassionate and helpful. 



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