To say that life changes so much after your partner dies is such an understandment.  In fact, there are no words to convey the emotional ups and downs that I have gone through, just like everyone else who has posted. 

We live in a society which now has a love-hate affair with gay people.  But where is the support?  My own community of gays and lesbians is not supportive.  I live in a fairly large city where, it seems to me, the baby boomers of our community have disappeared.  They are not supportive, and yes, I feel just terrible. You all know what I am talking about--you no longer have your wife, husband, significant other and there is no place or no one to turn to when you get very low.  Yes, I have made "friends," but where are they when I needed or still need them.  We all hurt and there is no community for us--Only lip-service. Sorry everyone.  It is the summer and if Jackie were still here, we would be travelling and doing all sorts of things.  No one seems to understands that one's feelings cut off after death.  The reason, it seems to me, is due to the fact that many of our community do one of two things: have long term relationships with a few friends they share or there is an emphasis on younger folks where the community is all about bars.  Just an observation. 

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