Losing a husband tragically while with him on Lake Erie

I lost my husband 9 yrs ago. We had just come in from a fishing trip on our boat. He was on the dock and I heard him say "Wow" I jumped out of the boat to help him but he fell into Lake Erie. I was able to retrieve him and hold him but he was very weak and his head was bleeding as he hit the boat when he fell in. I continued to call for help. No one heard my screams. Long story short, he went into a massive heart attack. I held on to his arms and watched my husband thrass around Lake Erie until he blew massive amount of air out and bowed his head and died. By the grace of God, I was able to keep his head above water until finally someone heard my plea for help.

Today, I am grateful for memories, the man he was, and for the 23 yrs we had together. Part of me will never be the same, but I know God has plans for me and I am so grateful for my children who deserve a healthy, happy mom.


To all who have loved and lost. Please know through our own brokenness and understanding of great loss, we can support and love each other as we journey the waves of grief.



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