I am in my usuall upspin of life.  Feeling as though my mom propells me through each day.

I am comming up on one year of my mother going Home. 

Its a very comforting feeling knowing I had her for 53yrs. knowing she is with Dad, and her family,friends comforts me.

I feel her presance with me daily!  She had a unique way about her and in her 82yrs. she kept her heart young.  The little notes she left behind the many letters of her lifetime.

Since it is Easter time and the first without both parents,  I would like to share a memour from which she left to me.

THE INVISIBLE WORLD~Jesus taught that the kingdom has two dimenisions: the immediate and visible ,which we see.  and the invisible kingdom, which we do not see now but which will be fully revealed at the close of this age.  From beginning to end, the bible teaches that these two dimensions are real and very powerful.

I really believe that we walk among the Angels. 

Have a wonderful Easter everyone and remember,  LOVE LIFE BE BRAVE!

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