Mark and I met 27 years ago in Jacksonville, FL. I was cruising a popular after hours spot along the river and noticed a handsome young man standing by the edge of the river. Being shy, I circled back not once but twice; the 3rd time I see him standing in the middle of the road so I stopped. He walks over and asks me when was I planning to stop and talk to him. Then something happened to me that I did not believe in, I fell head over heels in love with a total stranger. Odd thing is I got the same impression from Mark. It was as if we already knew each other, I asked him if he was hungry and invited him to join me at a nearby IHOP. It was already 2 am but we went anyway; both of us mostly picked at our food because we were to busy talking. It was like two friends meeting up and trying to catch up since their last meeting. Around 6 am he asked me if we could make plans to meet up later on and go out on a date. Of course I said yes.
The picture I posted Mark and I were at a company dinner party in FT Lauderdale year was 2002. It a couple of years later that Mark was diagnosed with a neurological disorder similar to Parkinson's.

November 30th, 2014 Mark passed away while sleeping; he hadn't felt well for several days and just want red the two of us to spend the weekend in bed watching movies.

I have had to deal with grief before, loosing family members I loved and cared for; loosing Mark I feel as if part of me died. Some days I find if difficult to even get out of bed. I miss getting calls during the day, calling me to take a break, calling to cheat me up or to tell me the latest news. He called me "Baby Mama" cause he was my baby, his favorite phrase was " I'm the baby, gotta love me"!
Oh to hear his voice, to see his smile, to talk to him again. The pain and sorrow will never go away, I will have to adapt and life will go on.
I never knew true love before Mark and now I know the true meaning of "love hurts".

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Comment by Steve on January 15, 2016 at 1:54pm
Thanks Chuck, my email is, my home page in Legacy is open to all
Comment by Charles E. Nelson on January 15, 2016 at 11:33am
Steve, I've been exchanging emails with another member - she had sent me her email address saying that she sensed there were things I wanted to say but was reluctant to post, for fear they may be too personal, so she offered another avenue of communication which I gratefully accepted. It is at her urging that I am giving you my email address - - in the hope that if you ever need to talk you'll know I'm always here to listen. I would never wish to intrude on your privacy, and fully understand that people have their boundaries which I respect. For what it's worth, this is the first time I read yours and Mark's story - I'm still learning my way around on the forum. Your story of how you met and your instant mutual connection is beautiful, and my heart breaks for your loss. Just know I'm a friend and maybe can understand some things other straight members don't get.

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