I lost my older brother May 20, 2011 to a Malpractice during surgery. He was only 25 years old and the death was very sudden because the surgery was very minor, we all expected him home for dinner as usual.  He was such a huge part of our daily lives. He made me laugh everyday, he taught me something new everyday, and he worried me everyday.  He was a hypochondriac and that may have been why we didnt expect anything to go wrong with the surgery.  We believed the doctors who cleared him for surgery when they said he had the heart of a bull. Even though Michael constantly complained of chest pain and trouble breathing.  Even he on the day of the surgery believed he was perfectly healthy.  All except for the swollen adnoids which he was having removed. He looked forward to being "a new man" as he put it.  But he died during the surgery, a surgery which contributed to his death.  3 months later after emense pain waiting the results of his autopsy, we find he had an enlarged heart and two arteries clogged 90%.  He should not have been having surgery on his nose.  He should have been having surgery on his heart.  My mother and I sometimes feel guilt because he always told us he thought something was wrong with his heart but we coughed it up to his panic attacks and hypochondria.  We believed doctors who subsequently did not care about his health and did not do their jobs correctly.  I know it is not our fault that Michael is gone.  Is is the constant negligence of the team of doctors through out his life.  My brother had had many emergency and scheduled visits with doctors due to his feeling something was wrong, and none of them could tell him that he had heart disease.  They failed my brother, an in a way I feel I failed him.  I didnt believe him and he is gone.  My heart is an ocean of pain, grief, anxiety, and regret.  It is hard to move on.

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