Friday, March 25, 2011

The weather was sunny & pleasant, but terrible storms were predicted for the weekend so I went to the cemetary after work to pull weeds. I forgot my weeding fork last week when I went to fertilize. I also purchased a disposable camera on the way just in case. I pulled weeds until the sun set, from Larry's gravesite and those surrounding his. They were so neglected & overgrown with dandilions. What good is it to leave them, they will just blow over & consume the area. It's upsetting that nobody has taken care of this place. I took photos of Larry's grave after I placed the cross there, because there is concern that someone will take it. That happens alot these days with thieves & crack heads searching for something to melt down for money. I took photos of his grandfathers grave & his uncle Bobbie's grave. Both still have the temporary name plates after decades. I am concerned that Larry's family lied about getting him a headstone. I would like to buy one. I stopped by the church on my way out & left my phone number with a lady cleaning inside. As I drove home, Pastor Rozier called & I told him I would like to plant a Little Gem Magnolia tree somewhere on the grounds in recognition of Larry's upcoming birthday. There are several acres there, completely un-landscaped- no flowers, no trees- nothing attractive anywhere. The cemetary is comppletely ignored. He said "No." He said they have no place for it, and if they put it in the cemetary it will get in the way of the lawn mowers. What lawn mowers?! It hurts to be rejected & lied to by a Pastor. It stinks that I have no right to honor Larry at his final resting place, or at the church whwere he was raised & where his uncle preached. That's pretty crappy. That's o.k., I'll find a way to honor him proper.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I had gone to Winder this a.m. and on the way home, between storm fronts, I felt compelled to go back by the cemetary. Several cars were at the church. As I approached the grave I noticed debri all over the magnolia swag and then, upon a closer look I realized someone had been there this morning and had weed-eated the area! I looked around & it was just the area covering Larry's family, not the entire cemetary! Wow! I'm shocked! Someone other than myself had been so inclined to come out there & weed eat! They left the name plates, headstones and flowers covered in wet, cut grass/weeds, but it looked so much better. I used my hands to sweep off his site & shook out the swag as best I could, but the wet grass was stuck like glue. Still, it feels good to know someone else cares. I'm guessing it was Adrian, but who knows? I'm glad I went by. :-)

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