Hi my name is Dan Gavin and I just came across this website and thought to myself maybe I will write my story about my son Kyle....In July of 2008 Kyle was diagnosed with Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis a very rare disease that attacks the brain...now this was all so sudden to me and my wife as Kyle who was a pretty damn good athlete was pitching in an all-star game and had just finished up basketball camp a few day before this all happened...Around July 7th Kyle began having a bad stomach ache...On July 9th Kyle still had the stomach ache so we went to the ER with him and we spent the entire day there...they were running all sorts of tests and they could not figure out what was going on so at first they decided to keep him overnight but he begged the doctors to let him go home so they did....The next morning began a week I will never forget...Kyle woke up and just fell to the floor with one side of his body numb and he could due was mumble...Kyle was rushed back to the ER where they did tests and later on they did a biopsy on his brain...after about 5 hrs or so the doctors came out and told us that Kyle had a mass the size of a baseball on his brain...the doctors proceeded to tell us that Kyle would not live more than a week...Kyle ended up going into medical induced coma...Kyle fought and fought through the next week as the doctors tried every possible test and procedure they could...then on July 15th they did 1 last thing they tried plasmapheresis which didn't work because Kyle's body was to fragile at this time so me and my wife had to make a decision no parent should ever have to make...we decided to take him off the machines that were now helping him stay alive...Kyle passed away that night at 9:44 pm at the age of 12....It has been over 3 years now and the pain I feel is tearing me up inside still. I know that there was nothing I could due...but I was supposed to protect him and I couldn't. It has been difficult for our family to try and move on....I put on a fake smile everyday and try to be strong for my wife and my other son who is now 13 because I know how hard it is for them. Bryce looked up to his older brother and we were so proud of the man Kyle was becoming. Kyle was a complete jock playing every sport he could always making up different games to play...I look at Bryce and sometimes it is scary because he looks so much like Kyle now and Bryce is a jock to playing baseball and football...I talked about Kyle often because it helps me get through the day...I don't want to burden my wife or family and friends with how I feel because we are all still dealing with it. I know I need to talk to someone but I figured I could write it on here and hopefully it could ease the pain a little. I am still so angry that Kyle was taken from us...it just isn't fair but I have to find a way to deal with it. Sometimes I feel like I let my whole family down for not being able to save Kyle. I just  know that I will not get over this feeling no matter what anyone tells me. I'm sorry Kyle



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