When my daddy died my son Steven and I would go  bury pennies.He Passed in 1984.Two weeks before my first born Steven passed I found 2 pennies at least 7 times side by side.My youngest  son Jason and I would go to Steven and my Dads grave and bury pennies.One day my son Jason superglued pennies on his brothers Headstone.I loved it.Jason and I would talk about the pennies we were always finding.Five years after Steven died my youngest son Jason died.I find pennies all the time.In fact I had started writing a poem after Steven passed called "Pennies From Heaven".I never could finish it.I now know why.AFTER THE DEATHS OF MY SONS AND MY BIRTH PARENTS IN BETWEEN THEM I REALLY HAVE HAD A HARDTIME.BOTH OF MY SONS WERE 19YEARS OLD.BOTH OF MY PARENTS PASSED ON THE 19th.NOW I KNOW THERE IS SOMETHING I AM HERE TO DO.I HAD A CAR ACCIDENT IN 1982 AND THEY TOLD MY PARENTS .NO HOPE TURN OFF THE LIFE SUPPORT.HERE I AM BECAUSE MY MOM WOULD NOT ALLOW THIS.TO THIS DAY I FIND PENNIES.IT IS A SIGN FROM THEM I KNOW.MY JOB HERE IS NOT FINISHED.MAY THE SUNSHINE ON YOU.MAY YOU FIND A REASON TO SMILE SOMEWHERE SOMEHOW EACH DAY.IF .GOD BLESS YOU ALL IN YOUR JOURNEY.IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO TO HELP JUST LET ME KNOW.I HAVE WALKED THIS ROAD FOR AWHILE.I CANT SAY IT GETS ANY EASIER.I THINK WE ALL NEED TO GIVE OURSELF A HUG TODAY.MAY GOD BLESS EACH STEP YOU TAKE.                    

                                                           STEVEN & JASONS MOM,

                                                          GAYNELL LEATH


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Comment by Amanda T Ford on December 19, 2011 at 4:00pm

thank you for your words i was having a hard time today so i decided to come on here and reading your words has helped me a little today. I dont know how you get thru losing somebody but i cant imagine what you have lost. I lost my mom in march and my husband in sept and each day is just a battle, thank you again for your words... Good luck to you and your family

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