My Love,  This is a letter to Rory, I hope you get this in heaven.

You left me in the middle of the night on May 12th.  I came home from work that night with nothing in my heart but love for you. So when we talked on the phone earlier in the day and you told me I was a good girl for getting the landlord to come out and look at our plumbing problems in our mobile home park, I knew you were very happy.  In that same phone call you told me not to wake you when I got home from work that night, but to watch The Blues Brothers on Netflix (which I had never seen and you had). So...........I did as you had asked...........I didn't disturb you in your sleep. I think back now............WHY did I listen to you?  Why didn't I go jump in the bed and give you a big huge KISS!    Why didn't I disturb you  I could have saved you. When I found you the next morning all I wanted was  to save  you...............but  you were already gone,  there was nothing I could do to save you. I love you soooooo much

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