There is an author who thinks it is ok to go and write a poorly conceived book that exploits our most precious resource our children, even those whom have departed this life at an early stage. There is a petition on that is requesting 100,000 signatures to pull the book off the shelf and shut down the fan sites. This is offensive to myself and many other grieving parents whom lost their little ones to various causes, and we want it to be gone. My wife Stefanie Elena Sikes and myself will be posting links to get this book gone and its counterpart book, we will be boycotting Barns And Noble and Amazon for selling this crass and offensive material. We would appreciate all the support from anyone whom wants to help. There are currently just over 300 signatures out of 100,000. Please go on there and sign, thanks.

This "book" is the "ultimate dead baby joke book" Normally I would censor my own readings but this is just wrong, especially since I am a grieving father!

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Comment by Bernadette Dunleavy on June 10, 2012 at 2:20pm

Hi my name is bernie and I am deeply sorry for your loss, whoever wrote that book should be ashamed it is hard enough loosing a child and then someone making a joke off the most

beauitful gift giving too us.

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