I think to be truthful, the reason one's social life as a widow of a suicide victim is that no one knows what or how to treat you after the suicide.  Best meaning friends withdraw, you're alone.  All alone.  The person you shared life with, had children, grandchildren with is gone.  Nobody to share those memories with the same as the one you created the memories with.  My husband completed his 5th suicide attempt (obviously successfuly) in March of 2011.  We would have been married 33 years.  Some of those years were good but most shadowed by his depressed mood.  My daughter was 4 months pregnant with our 2nd grandchild, our youngest (19) was in bible college.  I think about it 24/7 and know it's not healthy.  During this time, my job was also closing and I chose to relocate to be near my daughter.  Lots of changes, lots of bad decisions.  My husband's family doesn't talk to me as if I caused it.  I know I didn't and that there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent it.  Despite the fact that two different MD's, one at the VA and one private had advised him to see a psychiatrist.  Neither one of them bothered to schedule a appt.  Even when I asked if I needed to schedule it, my husband assured me "No it's OK I'll do it".  Honestly I didn't expect him to die, I just figured he'd pull through, I'd have lots of medical bills and he'd have some more brain damage from being without oxygen and life would go on.   Well he didn't.  Fortunately or unfortunately I work in healthcare and could not accept the job offered to work in the in-patient setting because I knew I could not set foot near an ICU for a very long time.  Thus I have found your web site to share my story hopefully provide some comfort to others and just feel the misery of those selfish enough to take their own lives leave the living.

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