This year finds me at the crossroads of life without my belloved "Kisha" and I wanted to see the measure of the heart, Kisha had a heart that could not be matched when it came to love and prayer as she would go the distance for anyone and it meant more than a lot of people could measure,but yet it was visible for so many too see that this little dynamo always could throw a loving smile and captivate the heart of many as she moved thru life with love and devotion to the Father in heaven while always telling any and all that would listen that love was the key too her existence.I think that or society has lost the ability too see the love factor when we lose our beloved children as many don't have the time to say an encouraging word or an exhortation that will lift our spirits,I sometime feel if they only knew how much it meant they could see the measure of the heart.The heart yearns to extend it's love and there is no measure that extends too far,Kisha's heart knew no boundaries as her love proved to be immeasurable in all of her ways and my love for her cannot be measured. So what is the measure your Heart???

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Comment by Christy on January 25, 2011 at 1:08pm

Pastor Durden,

I just read your messg. to Leo, posted the first wk of December 2010 and was blessed. Thank you for encouraging Leo and others who read your words. You both are suffering as we all are on this site, yet manage to lift others up. I am sending you my love through Christ Jesus and pray for you to be blessed as you bless others. I agree that real love is blind to color and all differences the world sees and uses to seperate/isolate us from each other & God. I understand your love and admiration for Kisha and cannot imagine how much you miss her, for that I feel true heartfelt pain that I never felt, at least not to this extent, before my husband passed away four months ago in a work related accident. He was 38 yrs old. God showed me special favor by blessing me with Larry for 7 wonderful years. 

Prayers & best wishes for you & yours,


Comment by Wendy M. on January 11, 2011 at 10:39pm
 Thank you for writing to me and helping me to see things in a different light. For you to still see love after your loss is truly a gift from God or Kisha herself. I am having so much trouble going on. I had depression before and my light had faded ever so more. It may even have burned out. I hope to be able to light a new candle. I have lost my mother. I watched her die. I watched her for 19 months go from a happy and healthy woman to a frail woman with no zest for anything. It is devestating to see this kind of change and to do for your parent what she once did for me when I was a baby. I don't know why but right now I can only remember those last months. Will her happy life come back to me? You are wonderful and I believe have come into my life to say those wonderful words for a reason. I needed them and hope to hear some more. Thank you. Love and peace...Wendy

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