This is your time: how valuable is a quiet moment with you.

Some people call it rest, some call it taking a five or ten, some even call it taking a nap, but when the rubber hits the road it’s really a quiet moment with you. Such a moment allows your body to get some comfort time.


Okay, you say it was God who blessed you with the working ability, but your struggle is taking a moment for you. If that’s the case with you, here are some helpful hints.



1: Never let someone else be the one to say when for you.


Others are helpful sometimes, but only you know when it’s time to say, this is my time to rest. You hold the key to your body being revived. You are human and not a battered bunny that could go on and on. Never allow anyone to influence you to work your body like a horse on the race track. Take the time you need to rest, your body deserves it.


2: Know when it’s time to rest all year round.


The season or the time of the year doesn’t dictate if you should rest or not. Your body signals is what triggers you to say “it’s time”. Successful people know when to stop at the red light and wait for a moment until the green comes on again before moving forward because if they run the red light, they are looking for an obvious accident. So when it comes to the laws for the body, if you pursue risks without rest, you are eminent to cause serious damage, which will affect how long you are able to pursue purpose.



3: Pursue to see purpose, and let not your purpose see you


Just like anything else done with passion and zeal until the very end, you must also be mindful of becoming addicted to the point that you kick your moments of rest to the side. Because what will eventually happen is your passion will be on high, then your body will burnt out until you can’t go anymore. In other words, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. The ultimate purpose is to fulfill the will of God for you life, so be wise and make sure you don’t fall short due to weariness and exhaustion from not performing such a little task: Rest.


4: Practice relaxing


Many people find it difficult or impossible to stop on a dime what they are doing and take a rest. If it’s so difficult for you to do such a thing, work at it in increments (a little at a time). Don’t wait for the vacation time to get away on your secret hideaway. Control what you are doing by lessening your work load so you could get a period here and a period there, bit by bit, until your big moment comes, to shut the world out, and remain silent with you alone.


4: Give yourself a prize


Why work so hard, day and night, time after time and not reward you with a prize of rest. You need something to keep you going and going. You need energy, without it, your concept of what you are doing will fade away. Your motivation and drive to continue will not be at a level to bring great result.


I know you are probably saying that the more work you do, brings more productivity, but the truth of the matter is that productivity comes from the quiet moments when the mind body and soul is rested. What rest does is give you a chance to see and get understanding of what your true purpose is. Then, out comes the motivation and inspiration to go one more mile.


Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis

Author of Life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward.

Let Carl Mathis inspired you, go to his website


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