Time and time...
...again we set our sites on goals unatainable
yet the journey proceeds in ways which nare a gone go,
upwards towards the darkness that transends the sences of mind
and emotion.

Never reaching that for which is protected dearly in our heart
while yet fearing that for which cannot truely break but pain each so,
while teaching our soul that sacrifice is as hurtful as mindless actions
of tomorrows unknown.

Pathways that intercect become obsticles of the mind
till direction becomes clear as mud and blind curves bring
excitement of confusion while traveling at speeds that only
ones transcendental savoring stillness overtakes emotion,
onward,,,,, transversing each intersection without cause or care.

Still, be thy broken hearted pain that passions the drive
towards understanding, while be timeless a fear, nay ignorance, of
survival, beginning with-in the confines of my soul. Allow my spirit
of adventure the travel with reason toward unkowns experienced.

Yet, at the sight of one's goal with-in a breath's pause of release
dictates purpose of motionality. Melding with all that is, or not,
bring us to the start, nay, point of order to take out, begone, be.

Now as we slow towards the notion of motion, and breathless excitement
awares our sight, we fortune the waste of the trip towards enlightened
heart, and knowledge, nay, joyfully release, the bonds for which
we have ensconced.

When all else seems darting with-in one's emotions, and stars of
enlightening hope undarkening, and the rush of emotional
equilibrium cease the roller-coasting of breathlessness to allow
life's wonderment begin, then...

Let this raiment sequel time and time.............. again

Leonard Shick Finished 12-17-2006


This piece took me almost a year to write. Tho a place inside me says it's not near finished, I have "published" it as is. Small changes I seem to make from time to time, but yet the emotion of what's behind it is as fresh as if it happened yesterday. Maybe someday I'll finish it to the point of content with the final product, but for now, let it be as be.


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Comment by Tami on October 23, 2010 at 7:04pm
It is beautiful.

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