As we know, the time to appreciate life or someone's life should not be at death.  While we are alive we need to celebrate "our life" which means to be thankful that we are here and to love all those around us who will one day pass away to death.  Let's love them now and tell them all of the loving thoughts we have of them (1 John 4:8).

Truly celebrating life is to treasure it now...for the dead is conscious of "nothing."  So while we are here and in the now - love as you never loved before and laugh and cry, hug and kiss all of those who are near and dear to you.   Let not death bring the hard hit reality of what we could have done.  Unresolve issues - need to be resolve if at all possible- but try. 

Death will not be the time to say the things you meant to say,

Death will not be the time to hug and kiss your love one - they will not hear or feel you,

Death will not be the time to admit any wrong feeling or wrong deed committed against your love one,

Death will not be the time to send roses - if you could have sent it while they were alive.

So, what does it mean to celebrate - "do it all now."


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