It's a known fact that sometimes its better to talk about our experiences with the pain of death then keeping it inside. I believe there are two different kinds of screams.. Those that are uncontrollably expressed and those that are silent. Whether we are alone in our room, car or an open field, when we grieve it's as if our screams of agony are silent. We hear it though.. We hear our voices as it makes stinging sounds of pain and sadness. We may even take our own hand and place it over our own mouths assuring that our screams remains silent. Over and over again we allow the same thought to come into our minds as if believing somehow with repetition it could come true... IF ONLY TIME COULD GO BACK! IF ONLY TIME CAN GO BACK! IF ONLY TIME COULD GO BACK! Only after submitting to the reality that the past can never be altered that we began to feel the overwhelming torture of 'missing'.. Then our minds would go back to that very moment when we were confronted with the knowledge that they are gone. Not here. We remember our reaction in detail, how we felt, what we were thinking and how our bodies responded. Thinking back to that day, to that moment brings me a small amount of comfort. It reminds me how much I loved her and how important she was to me. So I guess what i am saying is, loving brings comfort. Especially in the world we live in today. People simply have no natural love for one another like they should... So if you'd like, please share your silent scream. Tell us about that moment and the surrounding events. Listening to each other loving another will bring comfort. I will tell my story soon... I think I've taken enough of your time.. Now it's your turn to speak:)

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