i just received an invitation to attend the 2011 donor appreciation ceremony here in Nevada for those who lost someone and donated their organs to others. here's what bugs me. i am hoping the recipient(s) of my daughters eyes won't be there. i am crying like her death was yesterday just getting the invitation. how am i going to be if i meet them/him/her? we submit a picture-m going to send the one you guys see as my profile picture- also can send a piece of material decorated for her for their donor quilt they have there. am going to also get a certificate in her name thank us as her family for donating. i dont see how i could possibly keep a dry eye during all this. anyway thanks for letting me vent some. hope you all are doing ok today.

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Comment by Theresa Sweaney on February 12, 2012 at 5:38pm

I just read your entry today for the first time.  Reading your entry from the Happy Memories of Loved Ones is what led me to this spot.  Did you end up attending the 2011 donor appreciation ceremony? And if so, did it have a better or worse impact than you were expecting?  It has been 9.5 mos since my son's suicide death, and I still cry just about every day.  You lost your eldest daughter, and I lost my eldest son.  How old was she when she died?  Charles was 26.  I am approaching a couple of first anniversaries, which has made me much sadder lately.  I hope it gets easier over time.  It is a hard thing to come to terms with.  God bless, Francine. 

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