What's Wrong With Being "Truly Spiritual" - A means to comfort

I often ask myself - what is wrong with being "truly spiritual."   I hear so often how everyone is a "Christian" but when you truly start demonstrating the knowledge and courage to speak those things that Jesus Christ spoke - it is often ensue with a negative reaction.   I have deep emotions and compassion for everyone that experience some kind of pain or suffering and I also respect and acknowledge we all respond differently. 

It is so refreshing to be able to have a truly spiritual exchange of words that are taken from the Bible.  (2 Timothy 3:15).   Today so many people are suffering with little to no hope in sight for them.  However, once they do come to learn that there is truly a God who cares - it does lift their spirit. 

I have experienced the need for comfort and realized that so many people run from the one source where all comfort can be given.   When I read blogs where someone is truly despair over the lost of their love one all I try to do is to give them "true comfort" from the scriptures.  I am not using my words but the love and guidance of God.   Telling someone God's view in respects to pain and suffering often leads to a peaceful sense of acceptance for the situation they are handling.

So, I hope that our "sprituality" will not be a thing of the pass but of the present.  Thank you


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