As I remember it the day that leah was born was a bright sunny spring day.  Carol and I lived in Westerville Ohio at the time, so we went to the local hospital Mount Carmel St. Ann's for her birth.  What a difference  from when her brother Michael was born at Grant medical in downtown Columbus. The doctors and nurses were very kind and attentive at St. Ann's not that they were not at Grant but they were very busy.  So busy that Carol was unable to get an epidural. Well at St. Ann's that wasn't a problem Carol was comfortable and we proceeded to have a very relaxing delivery.  After she was born and cleaned up they Leah over to Carol and I.  Wow what a beauty. Her eyes open a big smile on her face and a head of hair that Don King the famous boxing promoter would have killed for.  God Leah was a beauty and we couldn't wait to get her home.    guess i will leave it there starting to tear up abit.

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