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At 4:52am on July 25, 2014, Amelia R Chavez said…

Thanks Barbara but that was m.e his mother at our 25th wedding anniversary. Oh I bet you made my son laugh we always got that remark. You know my own flesh and blood never call and they live close by they act like we are contagious. Hug to you

At 3:24pm on June 16, 2014, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Hehe!  It game him the 'runs'!  The nurses were not too happy with me.

At 2:29am on June 10, 2014, Tami said…
Thanks Barbara, I know that is why my sister so deeply grieves her dog, it is her way of coping. It is coming up on 5 years since My Joey many emotions day in and day out. I'm glad I have all of you here, I know I am not alone.
At 2:09pm on June 9, 2014, Cindy said…
Barbara ,
I am so very sorry for your lost , I can't imagine the dept of your pain , and for the person to not face there actions , I have no words.
Yes I came here for that reason because I'm completely lost and no place to turn .
This does help me. Thank you.. God bless you ... Again I'm so sorry .
At 11:10pm on May 25, 2014, John newton said…
That letter you wrote made me cry
At 3:51pm on April 15, 2014, Debra {{{Kaylee's mom}}} said…
Thank you Barbara. I'm sorry for your loss also. I have faith that we will all be together with our children again. It's the waiting that's the hard part.
At 12:36am on April 14, 2014, LAURA FONTES said…


At 3:17pm on January 14, 2014, cynthia Pearl said…

Just going over your e mail and am at work so won't make this too long.  Thank you for sharing so much and in detail.  Dec. was awful to get through and new years was terrible.  Seems like those waves just come crashing in over and over.  I have to believe that God is a God of justice and I am hoping that my son's best friend, Cody, will get a fair/just trial with a new lawyer.  They, the DA/cops want to blame Cody and use him for a fall guy. He was just there to help carry a dresser, didn't know anyone but my son. Anyways, thanks so much for sharing. I wish none of us have to meet this way. Yet, it is comforting to share and read posts from others who have lost their child/children.  It makes one feel not so isolated and alone in and thru this.

At 12:52am on January 5, 2014, Brooke said…
Thank you Barbara. You did help.
At 2:11pm on December 15, 2013, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

I'll try again after the holidays. It's really too difficult to try right now. I'm getting a stomach ache, just thinking about it!

At 10:23pm on December 5, 2013, Martha - Carrie's mom said…
Barbara, I have had you on my mind so much lately, I hope you are making it through the holidays. Be well. Martha
At 2:12pm on December 2, 2013, cynthia Pearl said…

Thank you so much for taking the time to share and write back.  We think the police are protecting this young man perhaps because he is a snitch and they want to protect their assets.  Using  the "make my day law" is way out of order in this case.  I would be interested in the cd you mentioned. It is good to be quiet.  I find the most difficult thing is to find people who truly understand and to be able to talk about this whole thing. I have not been able to go on Chris's facebook but his sister;s do. I just can;t look at it at this time.  In fact, I sometimes just fall apart in unbelief that he is dead and not just on a trip or back in Montana. I have not been able to get involved with outside activities yet. I can see that that would probably be a good thing to do.  I live in a small community so there are not any grief groups in the area.  I would have to drive to Denver or another city.  I am so sorry to hear about your son.  There is no justice in your circumstance.  The guy chose to get into a vehicle drunk and this is a result of it.  He should be in prison for manslaughter. I am glad that I can turn to God and that He really understands how I feel and how it is to lose a child.  He also  gives us friends like yourself to help along the way.  

At 6:01am on November 21, 2013, Doraine said…
Thank you, Barbara
I do need to know how other people feel that have lost a child. Because as I continue to morn my son I feel that people look at me as if I am a very depressing person! Even family! I loved my son with all my heart and there is not one minute that goes by that he is not in my mind. Children are not suppose to die before the parents? He had his whole life ahead of him now its gone. I feel as if I am losing my mind.
At 11:29am on November 17, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Lucille is a very nice name too. I seem to remember that, back in the 50's, my mother had a nice friend from New York named Lucille!

There is another powerful book that stays with me from that period, Sohrab and Rustum. It is from ancient Persia, time of the Silk Road, about a father and son. The atmosphere!

At 7:53pm on November 16, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

OMG, have you ever read that book, Evangeline? Powerful!  I read it at school when I was 11 y.o., and the emotions have stayed with me all this time! Buy a large box of Kleenex if you plan to read it.

At 10:03pm on November 15, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

You will never know what my confirmation name, after a sweet old Irish nun who was almost family?  Aloysius!   Alo-wee-shus!

At 9:06pm on November 15, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

You are certainly welcome to call me that as Bernard is one of my middle names, after my father whose first name was Bernard.  After Bernie found me 22 years ago he finally found out, and felt like he really 'belonged'!

I also miss the flowers at this time of year, but I have hung onto the petunias for far too long, and the Helleborus (next fRIDAY!) will bloom in February, so not long to wait. If I can survive without Bernie, I think I'll make it.

Ilona has an excellent point. We need to toughen ourselves against the pain. Sometimes I would be miles away, watching television or doing a crossword, when the little local bus would arrive. The stop is directly across the street, visible from any part of the living or dining rooms. I just had to watch until it drove away, because Bernie would hide behind the bus and then be standing there with a big idiotic smile when it left.

He was a genuine clown. Hope you saw him as Bozo in the photos on my page.

I love to sing 'I'll Be Seeing You' at Karaoke, and often do. But I don't think I will tonight. Maybe 'The Shadow of Your Smile' and 'Fly Me to the Moon'.

Keep enjoying the flowers, such as they are for the Winter. Can't tell you how much I miss Bernie.  He was like a nice river, quiet and deep, now and then meeting a rock and giving a little gurgle. Then back to his music, all the songs I like. He was 45, and liked pleasant stuff. True, that story about 'September Morn'.

At 7:31pm on October 28, 2013, holly johnston said…

they said it still under investion and more then likely he going to jail face charges but all day long i can't stop thinking of her she was my best friend and i told every thing even what did that day how my was

At 1:37pm on August 14, 2013, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

I had a GREAT time w/Candacw.e's girls. I miss Candace SOO much!!

At 2:09pm on June 3, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Thanks Barbara. We miss him. Whether Lady lays on the side deck, or in the front drive or on the back lawn, her face is always pointed towards the road ....... just in case! He was a gem.

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