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At 3:15pm on November 25, 2016, Kathleen Lee said…
Barbara, I changed the picture for the holidays. This was Nick's third Christmas.
He took the selfie on June 2 2015 at 5:19 pm
He passed on June 3 2015 sometime during the night.
He was 35.
At 9:18pm on November 8, 2016, elyse said…
Barbara,Sorry not to get back to you sooner,I wanted to confirm something.If you go onto internet (Google),type in memory of son,highlight images for in memory of son,scroll through pictures.The picture I sent you is on page 2.Click on picture you like and copy to phone.You can type in anything and see images of pictures.
At 2:51pm on October 24, 2016, Sharon Rossy said…
Hi Barbara,
Yes probably too much thinking. Also too much other family stuff that can stress one out, as you know. Sometimes our energy just hits the wall. But I had a group today and although it ended up being a small group - only four came - a lot of personal issues were discussed. I think it proved to be beneficial!
Thank you for caring so much! It is obvious how much you care for others.
At 1:44am on September 28, 2016, Jennifer Grossma said…
Hi Barbara. Thank you for reaching out to me after the loss of my mom and for your reassurance that I did the right thing by my mom to protect my dad's feelings. He seems to be getting more fragile each day. I think knowing my moms family went ahead with "their" service this past weekend without our approval hit him hard. It has made our sometimes combative relationship much stronger. We talk every day now (just like I used to with my mom). He commented today on how nice it's been! I'm not quite sure how this site works yet, but it's nice to have an outlet and to know that others are or have been where I am and they do care. Thank you and God bless!
At 8:16am on September 22, 2016, elyse said…
Hello Barbara,I guess I'm not familiar with how this site works,being that I was never in an online group.If a new member wants to share why they've joined this group (not individual groups),where would they post it?TY
At 12:00am on September 22, 2016, elyse said…
Hello Barbara,Just a quick question,when a new member writes in,do they go into their own profile ( my blog) or main wall (latest conversations)?TY
At 10:58pm on August 21, 2016, elyse said…
Barbara,I just saw your post wondering how to get a copy of picture I posted,if you go onto internet and type in,Today is your birthday from heaven above,you will see images of pictures and scroll through them,that picture is there.Then take a screenshot.That is how I get the pictures I send here.
At 1:22pm on August 19, 2016, elyse said…
Barbara,Thinking of you and sent you a picture on main wall in remembrance of your son's birthday.The memories you have will live on in your heart forever.elyse
At 11:24am on August 19, 2016, Daphne vaughn (Anthony's Mom ) said…
Barbara,just wanted to say happy birthday to your son Joe.and to let you know your in my thoughts and wish is that your able to celebrate your wonderful son Joe on his special day at a time my friend.sending my love and big hugs your friend Daphne..
At 10:04am on June 28, 2016, Shirley Long said…

Thank you, Barbara, and God bless.  Our daughter is Kayla Marie.  She is the center of my heart.  She is sweet, compassionate, fun,, beautiful smile.  It hurts.  I know she is in Heaven and today is her birthday.  Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

At 10:13pm on June 6, 2016, elyse said…
Barbara,I guess the word would be answer.I'm searching for an answer to my questions.For the 2 years now my brother has been gone,this has weighed heavily on my mind.
At 12:24pm on June 6, 2016, elyse said…
Thank you Barbara,I liked the poem.How've you been? Haven't found a Medium yet,but searching the website.Hoping that it will give me some closure as what occurred.
At 11:23pm on June 5, 2016, elyse said…
Hello Barbara,Can you post that Poem on this site also ?
At 9:45pm on April 17, 2016, elyse said…
Barbara,It was nice of you to reach out to Douglas.Since you share a common bond with him,you losing your son and him 2 sons.I try to welcome new members,it's a good feeling to reach out to others.You , TC Goodwin and Linda Westbury welcomed me so now I try to do the same.I don't write often enough,I should.
At 7:46am on March 13, 2016, Renee Santos said…
Bbarbara, my daughter was born in March. I looked up what the flower is for march and it is Daffodils.
At 6:44pm on March 9, 2016, elyse said…
Hello Barbara,Yes I was thinking of a psychic to see if I can find some closure as to what happened to my brother.I need to find some answer.Where did you go when you saw her Sunday? Another question,can I change my profile picture? I tried to do it,but was stymied.I have a Windows phone,so I'm always having questions about doing something.When I needed to update my phone in 2014,my brother had a Windows phone,so he told me to get the same one and he'd teach me the basics.And I'm still learning.I wouldn't change my phone,it's a link indirectly to my brother,I'd feel guilty changing it.Take care for now.elyse
At 4:01pm on March 8, 2016, elyse said…
Hello Barbara,every now and then I check the postings and I saw yours when you wrote in about seeing a psychic fro Long Island,Theresa Caputo.Would you give her a good review ? It's ironic,because I was going to post if anyone had ever seen one and would they recommend it to others.I'm starting to post more now,that I'm getting a hang of it,though not familiar with the "Friend" part of it.Maybe you can explain that to me,when you have time,thanx.
At 7:22pm on January 4, 2016, elyse said…
Barbara,Thank you for your support,I also offer my condolences to you on the loss of your son response to your question,I am 2 yrs younger than my brother and single and the only support I have is a bereavement group we both go to,so I really don't express my feelings in front of my mom.she has her sorrow and I have I come to this group for support and a place where I can say whatever is on my mind.elyse
At 11:58am on December 30, 2015, Elle - Rhett's mom said…
Hi Barb,

It's really nice talking to someone who understands. I have heard so many times you'll feel better, time heals all wounds bull.

The pain isn't as intense as the day my son died, but it hurts every day and I miss him so much. I'll grieve forever for him until I meet him in heaven.

I hate December and April. Rhett died on December 31st and was born on my birthday, April 7th. My granddaughter was also born on our birthday, April 7, 2015. When I tell people they say "oh that is so good for you, it makes that day a celebration again". I say you have got to be kidding me, yes it's Mya's b-day but it's also a sad day too.

People just don't get it.
At 6:59pm on December 29, 2015, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

Thanks Barbara, you've always been here for me thru this.

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