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At 3:46pm on October 21, 2020, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Missing u my beloved son..Jesse.always
At 8:51am on July 3, 2015, victoria, Justin's Mom said…

Hi Alicia,  Just saw your comment.  Yes, we are closing in on 6 years.  Losing Justin  has been and I am sure always will be painfully  hard to live with.  The missing only gets worse.  Justin's now 8 year old son Andrew looks SO MUCH like him.  I am grateful for that but it is bittersweet at the same time.  I know a part of Justin is still here but I want my Justin alive and with me completely.    It breaks my heart that his children are growing up without him.   Our sweet boys can only be in our hearts now Alicia.  My love and Justin's love to you and Jesse as we both endure our beloved sons 6 year angel dates.   

At 8:49pm on April 7, 2015, Alicia Rodriguez said…
MISS you son ALWAYS in my HEART
At 11:36pm on June 17, 2014, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Miss u son
At 9:39pm on June 5, 2014, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Missing you JESSE ALWAYS on my mind
At 11:11pm on May 22, 2014, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hugs to u Amelia Johnny MOM
At 3:58am on May 9, 2014, Amelia R Chavez said…

Hi Alicia I'm sorry it took me so long to reply,I haven't been on this site much and I need to catch up with all of you.It's been hard as you well know and I have been going to grief meeting it helps just being with others that are going through the same,I can"t believe how many of us as parents are losing our kids.God only know anyway thank you for thinking of me .I will have you and Jesse in my prayers.Alicia I hope we can get though Mothers Day who am I fooling It's going to be very hard.God Bless you and sending Hugs! Your friend Amelia Johnny's mom.

At 6:41pm on May 8, 2014, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Miss u Jesse Rodriguez FOR EVER my precious SON
At 1:19am on February 12, 2014, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Miss my son Jesse
At 9:32pm on April 28, 2013, Alicia Rodriguez said…
At 3:41pm on April 28, 2013, Amelia R Chavez said…

Hi Alicia I am so sorry that i am just responding,it's been a while that I have been on this site and oh my god 6he number keep rising.How are you getting along?I understand how hard it is how do we go on?It will be 4 years in JULY That my Johnny has been away there's not on day that doesn't go by that I on't have him on my mind and I know you have the same feelings.Its not Mothers Day if all your kids aren't here,I tell my other kids I'm not ready yet and for them to spent it with there kids. Anyway you take care.Hugs and prayers my friend. Amelia Johnny's  mom

At 8:24pm on April 4, 2013, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi to Tami and all my friends here just stopped by to say hi and a big hug to everyone .I'm just missing my beloved Jesse so much god bless Alicia jesses mom
At 8:21pm on April 4, 2013, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Miss u everyday son not a day gose by that I don't think of u wish u were here
At 12:18am on July 4, 2012, Amelia R Chavez said…

Thank You Alicia for response even if its 3 years for us it seems so fresh doesn't it?IT WILL 3 years July 24th then its his birthday August 25th so these couple of months are going to be hard.Hugs and prayers to you my friend.

At 6:59am on May 13, 2012, shannon churchill said…

Hi Alicia,  I guess I am doing as well as can be expected.   I have trouble with memory and concentrating these days... I'm sure it is part of the depression. Thank you so much for thinking of me.   I often think of my friends here but at times don't have the emotional strength to even comment.    Hope you are doing well.     Shannon

At 7:01pm on April 28, 2012, Tami said…
Here is the compassionate friends website, you need to type your zip code in and it will tell you if there are any conferences near you, they also meet once a month in groups, but that isn't enough for me...
At 7:49pm on March 24, 2012, Tami said…
Hi Alicia, here is the info about the even that went on in AZ

Many people have experienced dreams of loved ones communicating to them, even after death.  Those and others have experienced a deep sense of solace in listening to our speakers explore this phenomenon.
Since grieving is a highly individualized process, would you please forward this email to each of your friends or members to allow them to individually evaluate this opportunity? 

Invite those you care about to an inspiring event of speakers, authors, & mediums including John Holland.
April 13-15 (optional April 12) Phoenix, AZ USA

Book Soon - Spaces are Limited Yet Some Group Discounts Still Available

Maybe you can write to them and find out if there are going to be any events in your state? The medium that I talked to was here in Ca. She was great, my sister found her, I wouldn't know how to find a reputable one except word of sisters sister in law and a few other people she knew had seen this woman, so she trusted her to be legit, she was very good. Hope you can find one in your area, it helped me a lot in the I said, maybe write to this group,
At 5:03pm on February 14, 2012, JOYCE MASHER, 4 Amy 5158791808 said…

Thank you so much Alicia. I too havent been on much. I feel bad when I dont, because everyone has been so supportive in my 3 yrs+ of going thru this journey that none of us wish we were not on. We too have good and bad days and even now, with all the holidays over and new ones starting, all I can do is still wonder why this happens to such good people or a child. We do expect the elders to die or ourselves someday, but I still dont get it. I just keep reading books and coming here to vent or read others posts. It does help, but it wont bring them back and that is where we just have to accept it somehow. Do what you have to do. We still cry all the time but we put on the face when we have to. Only those here GET IT! 

You hang in there and take one day at a time. hugs to you and Jesse. There are some good books, I get digital copies, about mediums who speak to our loved ones. I find the info the only thing to hang to for now because we ourselves, or some of us, dont have that gift. I find all kinds of signs and hope that it is true that it is them. We wont know til we meet them again.

love to all

At 11:07pm on January 10, 2012, JOYCE MASHER, 4 Amy 5158791808 said…

Alecia, as for the blanket, the ones we have had were made by a friend whom Amy worked with doing landscaping. He uses pine branches and all kinds of xmas ornaments he buys used at flea markets and the like. I have ours posted on my page somewhere in  my blogs. Martin posted sites to help make one. there are all kinds of sizes and I would think as long as the cemetery rules dont say no, we do what we want. You can always make one in your yard, or a garden of some kind too. I never heard of them until our first xmas in 2008.

Thank you for the comments on Amy, and your son, Jesse, also was a handsome man. I dont think anything of this world ending thing. At this time, I am living day to day because if we could forsee the future, would we be where we are and let our children go or leave? Today on the Dr Phil show, medium, John Edwards, said, keep paying your bills, the world isnt going to end,lol. now that made me mad, haha. And if it does, then we all just did what we do all the time and it wont matter when we are gone.

It would be so cool if we all could talk instead of typing our thoughts, but since that isnt going to happen to soon, I am so glad we all have each other here to vent and ask questions.

hugs to you and hang in there. its been 3 plus yrs for us and I cant say its any easier, and that we all go at our own pace. there are some good ideas on here to keep us sane.


At 10:21am on January 3, 2012, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Morning Alicia....glad you made it through your B-day.  Well I have good positive thoughts about this new year coming.  So far it has been going good for the youngsters.  My daughter has a great job now and it fully supporting herself and her little guy, she receives no help from the father who lives in another country.  My oldest grand daughter got a new job within a Mall doing hair and she likes everyone in the shop and is very happy.  The sisters who live in Idaho seem to be hanging in and dealing with their life circumstances.  They will be coming to visit us in march for a week on Spring break.

Take care and I wish good things for you too.  If you get a tattoo post it on here for all of us.


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