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At 3:17pm on January 15, 2018, Katrina Kessler said…

Hello elyse, thanks. Well I've experienced many losses of various kinds, including deaths of loved ones. At the moment I'm super busy, but I will share in the near future when I have some free time. :) ~Katrina

At 3:10pm on January 5, 2018, linda said…

Elyse, thank-you for reaching out, so much sadness for you. Your only sibling.  Words don't come easy, only tears.   Amy died Sept 30 2014.

At 10:47pm on January 4, 2018, woody said…

elyse thks I will

At 6:22pm on October 21, 2017, Diamond said…

Thank you so much for your support!  Forgive the late reply - I have been taking a few steps back to just see where I am headed and to try to take better care of my health and my emotional well being.  This group is so supportive and it gives insight as to how to help others during their time of loss.  We learn the power of love as we move forward in our lives.  It is amazing how we come full circle with the teaching of the Bible - "love cures all thing."  Again, Thank you.

At 4:08pm on October 19, 2017, Sherri Houle said…

Thanks elyse

At 8:28am on October 12, 2017, denise said…
Forgive me. I can not clearly see the message when I type it because it does not come out in dark print until it's sent for some reason do when I re read it I can't clearly see but I'll try to be more careful. I wish the typo is take could be erased. I'm sorry. Please I hope you understand else
At 9:11am on October 9, 2017, denise said…
If you could ask just one question that you would like an answer to what would it be?
At 9:11am on October 9, 2017, denise said…
Elyse I think I'm posting on your wall. It will take me just a little time to get use to the site
I can relate to your having many questions that need to be answered. So many people say just pray and it will be ok or God took this person but this just does not answer our questions nor instil hope in us and hope is essential to our strength. When I loss my loved ones one of the greatest things that helped me cope was the answers to my questions and the hope that is given to us for our loved ones that we've loss on death. Death is not a normal thing It's not why we were created we were given life as a gift not death but the question that needs to be answered is why do we die and is there hope for the dead The answers to these questions and any other question is clearly found in the Bible. Once we come to learn this we are comforted with the truth
At 8:59am on October 9, 2017, denise said…
Good morning
At 4:20pm on September 30, 2017, denise said…
Hello elyse. It's Denise. I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I too loss my brother in a very very tragic way
One thing that helps me cope are fond memories. My husband told me something that helps also. He said do not allow your mind to go to the tragedy but immediately switch that thought and think of fond memories of him as this will help me grieve in a healthy way and you know... He was right
It helps. I never allow the tragedy in my mind but I do realize he passed and I miss him very much. I have allowed myself to go thru the grieving process and it is definently a process but each phase of it is important as it has allowed fond cherished memories to flow
At 8:51am on September 30, 2017, Becky Schmidt Rutkoski said…
I lost my grandmother Sept 23. I was in the room with her alone when she passed. My grandparents raised me and the relationship I had with them was beyond words. She had fallen twice and when I saw her her face was literally purple...like one huge bruise. I held her and and told her she could go and to tell my grandpa hello for me when she was still breathing. A nurse came in and asked about to give her another dose of morphine but stopped short. I had been sitting in my grams chair at the time. I looked at the nurse and asked is she gone? She said yes. My world instantly crashed down. I held her hand again ran my fingers through her hair out my hand on her heart and told her I loved her. I could write a story about what happened and how I felt but I won't bore people. All I can say is I feel my childhood has disappeared and my heart is shattered. I still deal with losing my grandpa to this day and that was Jan 3, 1998. Ironically however he passed at 3am. Judging from the touch of my grams, she passed around the same time, 3am.
At 8:31am on September 21, 2017, AdriAnne D Bridges said…


I used to say when I loss my parents that we were orphans. And my brother would say Hey they are still with us Now and forever just be a good girl lol. To lose my sister at 46 and my brother at 56 I am forever changed. The only ones that knew me better than they did were my parents. But I truly believe God only wants angels and I thank him for giving me two of the best besides my parents.

At 7:04pm on September 18, 2017, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Elyse, try for less than 140 on Latest Conversations, if more, put it on the main Comment Wall. Hopefully you keep it short and sweet anyway, remembering it is being automatically emailed to hundreds of Members. Your page is also a good alternative.

At 6:52pm on September 14, 2017, Sherry Gaddy said…

Thank you elyse for the kind words, I buried mu husband 1 1/2 weeks ago. Hoping to learn again how to live with out him. Thank you all for this group

At 8:21am on September 12, 2017, AdriAnne D Bridges said…

Elyse Thank You I can't tell you the pain I feel when I think about losing him I just lost him in June 2017 but I also lost my oldest sister at 46 to a fatal heart attack 10 years ago 1 year after losing my mother to COPD and 4 years after losing my father to a fatal heart attack. I feel like At times I am drowning and just when I get my head alittle above the water I get pushed back under.The effect it has had on my life is incredible. Silent pain, Am I next? Can I go on? That's it for my immediate family I have a baby sister and a daughter that I am holding on for dear life almost smothering.  The struggle is real the fear is paralzying. My brother brought it all back I NEVER imagine not growing old with my siblings, them not seeing my child get married. He was to walk my only child down the aisle. I try too stay strong my daughter has seen the same amount of death as I have in much less time. Adding her friends and her Only Aunt on her dad's side to suicide. My faith in God and the thought that I will see them all again keeps me going but knowing I am not alone helps even more. So Thank you. 

At 8:48pm on September 11, 2017, Tami said…
Thank you Elyse, great idea, I don't come here often anymore, it has taken a course that wasn't intended... if you would like to post this to the main wall I would appreciate it, if you get any backlash, please contact me, I will take care of it. I have been on the verge of closing the site down because it has become a chat room with about 4 people only being the ones that ever contribute. Thank you for reaching out.
At 6:00pm on August 7, 2017, Diamond said…

Elyse, I was just reading the comments on your walls looking for just words of encouragement for the lost of our love one.  I miss my brother so much and he is the last brother - that was alive.  I lost my younger brother and now I have lost my older brother.  I read how you miss your brother and what a kind person he was and how he was truly cherished by his family.  I hope you are able to find comfort in your heart with the love you shared with your brother.  

I just lost my last only living brother in  July 2017,  and I can't state how much it pained me to know that he is no more.  I feel like it was just a bad dream- a dream that seems unreal.  I long to hear his voice again.  He was so loving yet while alive I wish everyone would have seen the beauty in his heart.  He gave and often receive little in return in respects to the love he gave to others.   People always assume you will always be there - yet not knowing when it will be your last day here on earth.  

I miss his voice - just miss knowing he was alive and well.  Miss knowing that he loved me.  I look forward to seeing him again as promised in the Bible at Revelation 21:3,4.


At 3:56pm on August 7, 2017, Kim Bitz said…

Thank you Elyse.  

I read your posts and I am sorry for your loss.  Losing a sibling is aweful, but losing your only sibling must be devastating.

Take care and I hope time will bring some peace for you.

At 1:26am on June 1, 2017, Cherish Yuke said…

Thank you for thinking of me! You have a heart of gold...I'm so dang sad!!! Going through too much all at one time and just don't have the courage to keep reliving the past three years...so much and then my dad died...which triggered everything! Thanks again. You are,so special...I feel as if I know you. Talk soon.

At 8:36am on January 22, 2017, James Shults said…

Thank you Elyse

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