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At 12:15am on November 1, 2014, Barbara Rieger said…

Oops I hit the bottom. I was told by the neurologist to take it for my arm then. I've been crocheting and the repetition is not good for my arm. Being an addictive personality I have a tendency to do too much of what I like even with pain. It will go away and then come back but that's the beauty of being my age. A song to describe me is "Young at Heart." Today I felt like a teenager dancing and some man was taking movies. He gave me a thumbs up and told me I had so much energy. He suggested taking warm water, honey and lemon. I did that when I came home and it felt really good for my throat. There's more to the story, bottom line I won't be meeting him next Friday to attend an Indian Party at the library. I'm married and not interested in this man. But it still makes me feel good whenever anyone is interested just because I have energy on the dance floor. LOL

You may want to try it too since you use the Neil Med. I need to take the Advair and then floss before taking a 1/2 spill to help me sleep. I'm really tired but wanted to touch bases with you. I always get a good feeling when someone responds and I'd like you to have one by my responding. You have been a great mother just from seeing all the photos of your son and you etc. You're also a good daughter now try and take care of yourself. I feel that you are a worthwhile individual that needs to be good to yourself. With Love Barbara

At 12:05am on November 1, 2014, Barbara Rieger said…

Hi Janet, I'm not writing on the front wall because I realize that some people get notification about a post on here. Some how I don't know how but I don't get it any more.

I went to a Halloween Party this morning and it only lasted a couple of hours. I'm so glad that I actually got on the dance floor and boogied like I use to. I had halagan injections before the summer and continued exercising at home and even started back to an exercise class. Then telephoned a friend who was going to get a knee replacement but will cancel it again unless her bed sore heals this month. I gave my friend the name and telephone to go to the place I went rather than have surgery. But I don't know if she's going to do it. We seem to have some things in common I too take Neil Med and also use Alkalol (spelled incorrect for nasal issues. I also noticed in your photos that the number on your house is #7 too. I was in the same situation after losing Joe all I had left was my mother. It's 2 years ago this Nov. 19. I know what your talking about with pain. I'm having pain in my left shoulder and arm. More than 15 years ago I went to the doctor and he sent me to a neurologist. He took these big long needles and placed them along my right and left arm. I don't recall the machine or what it was I had. I don't intend to go to the doctor but think it's from the cold weather change etc. I take Thiamin 

At 7:20pm on June 12, 2014, Barbara Rieger said…

Janet it was a lovely and helpful group. We became close as a group. I wrote an entire page and after I read it I was glad I wrote what I wrote. I am tired because afterwards I went to a couple of store. And with my one knee it was a bit difficult but I kept going. I had a heartfelt and beautiful afternoon at the bereavement group.  I thought I saw all the photos yesterday when I was here but now I see who I think is you with the pretty blonde hair?

At 6:44pm on March 7, 2014, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Just saw your photos for the first time, and went all the way through, twice. What a warm, sensitive human!  And my lucky number is 26! Always was, as I was born on the 26th!

At 6:33pm on March 7, 2014, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Janet, are those daffodils along the back?  It will be pretty.  Petunias come in a huge range of colours, and sweet alyssum is good and hardy. Shasta daisies and Irises are gorgeous, but the roots need breaking up regularly.

Keep your knees dirty, girl!  (Old gardener's greeting!)

At 11:52pm on February 14, 2014, Margo powell said…
Hi Janet,

Just got around to checking my emails. Thanks for friending me. There are a lot of wonderful people on this site.
I'd like to express my wish for lots of love to be sent your way this Valentines Day:)
Enjoyed looking at your collection of pictures.
Garrett was a very handsome young man. I'll bet he was a real sweetheart! My heart aches for your loss:(.
My prayers are with you as you move forward along this arduous journey. There aren't too many losses or challenges greater than that of losing a loved one through suicide. May God Bless you and carry you as you move forward. Wishing you peace. Margo
At 8:00pm on January 15, 2014, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

I am sorry Janet as I didn't see that you had commented to me.  Tami takes full credit for our site.  I joined not too long after Tami created it but am right there with you on glad having it in my life.  You are in the very beginning of this sad journey.  I am so sorry you lost your young son. I think the best advice I can give anyone is one day at a time, sometimes even hour by hour in the beginning.  Remember him however you feel comfortable.  I love your pictures above.  Even tho it is going on the 5th year of loss I still have pictures around my computer to say hi in the morning and goodnight.  Please post when you can as the members on here really have good advice and compassion.


At 3:24pm on January 12, 2014, Caryn Hersh said…

I was still typing & you disconnected...LOL my email is cahersh@Comcast.net if you want to connect off of legacy

At 8:05pm on January 4, 2014, Caryn Hersh said…

Hi Janet,

The Grief Recovery program is an internationally known program. It deals only with grief but it can be grief because of a death, loss of job, whatever. It teaches you how to deal with your grief by using different "homework assignments", such as figuring out what myths you believed in to deal with grief and dispelling them. Such as "time heals", "needing to grieve alone", "be strong for others", etc...

I have learned so much, it also makes me feel like I'm not crazy, that all my feelings are normal. This is helping me more than any other therapy I have tried.

The book is "the 20th anniversary expanded edition, The Grief Recovery Handbook" by John W James and Russell Friedman.

I wouldn't recommend just reading the book I would try and find a grief recovery specialist in your area. The Grief Recovery Institute's # 888-773-2683. They are in California but they should be able to give you the names & numbers of someone in your area.

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the program or whatever.

I am so sorry for your loss. This site is a great place to interact with people who understand what you are going through and have a safe place to talk without feeling like you will be judged.

At 3:49am on January 2, 2014, stephen campbell said…


thanks for the message. i am sorry for your loss

i agree about the loss of hope with Michael. and i know hope comes from within. but my guilt is that i could have offered michael a home and a new life. and also to be frank - a new and better life for me. your story shows that it might not have made any difference or delayed things. but i shall never know. i work in primary care research so i know much of the evidence base. but it is one thing to address it intellectually and quite another to confront it emotionally. i am afraid without michael. so one day at a time. i wish you well.

At 3:15pm on October 23, 2013, Lisa Schenke said…

Hi Janet,

I am new to communicating one-on-one with people here. I saw your message to me thru my email, but now cannot find it on here. yes, you can share that quote on depression. It still gives me chills each time I read it. I did write back to the person who posted to the Star Ledger newspaper out of Newark, NJ in response to an article about my son, me and my book. I sincerely thanked her and told her how proud of her I was. both for surviving the depression and disease, and for reaching out. I have done numerous OOD walks. I find them very meaningful and comforting. Enjoy! Lisa  withouttim.com


At 10:08pm on October 14, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Honored to be your friend!  We are all in this grief road together.



At 1:01pm on October 13, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Janet, I am so sorry for the loss of your young son.  He looks so full of life in these pictures you shared with us.  I am one of the original 300 first members of this site.  I lost my son (39) in 2009.  This site has been such a important part of my slow recovery.  To this day I wake up some mornings and cannot believe I will not hug my son again.  Don't think I will ever fully accept our tragic loss.  I am fortunate to live 20 minutes away from Tami, who originated this wonderful site.  There are great people within this Legacy family that will guide you along the way.  They are non judgemental, have great suggestions and let you rant and rave if you need to do it.  Again, hugs from CA on the loss of your handsome young son.

Susan (Donny's Mom Forever)  you can click on my picture and see my page with pictures of Donny, his girls and our family.


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