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At 10:43pm on November 21, 2016, Barbara Rieger said…

Hi Donna, I received your email on my email address. If you want to connect here is my email address.

There are such similarities as I am refreshing my memory on your comment wall. I still don't understand why your post don't post on Legacy Wall.

I live in New Jersey too but don't know where the town you live is located in north, south or central Jersey? My keys are stuttering again and it drives me up a wall because I type fast. My husband says I wear them out.

I was reading some of the post on your wall from Susan Donny's mother. I miss her and so many other people I befriended. But I once rejoined and lost all the friends. However, they don't frequent here any more. I have an active and really busy life but I still feel the need to come here.

Thank you for sending me a letter yet I'm baffled as to how I received it at my email address and doesn't appear on Legacy. As my son Joe would say "Oh Well!"

Cyber Hugs, Barbara

At 8:33am on October 4, 2016, Sharon Rossy said…

Hi Donna, I think part of the reason we freeze and don't speak about our children is that we feel the pressure from others to "be better". But I believe that in order to "heal" and to be able to live without guilt is the ability to speak of our children. They should never be the elephant in the room. Easier said than done I know.But we owe it them to keep them alive and if others are uncomfortable, that's on them.

At 5:06pm on December 27, 2015, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Hi Donna.....very sorry you are having a rough time.  Christmas has come and gone.  Always glad it is over.  6 years on Christmas day since our Donny left.   We do have joy back in our lives.  His girls are growing up and having babies of their own.  I am now a great grand mother to two babies.  A boy and a girl.  We miss our Donny every day and we talk about him all the time.  I so wish he was here enjoying his grand children.   Take care and I am wishing you a peaceful 2016

Susan   Donny's Mom

At 12:48pm on November 19, 2015, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Happy Birthday to your dear Deanna.   The years just seem to zoom by  now.   Donny will be gone 6 years this xmas.  Two of his daughters have children now.  So I am a great grandmother twice over.  A girl and a boy.  Just darling babies.  Makes me so sad Donny is not here to be a grandpa.  He would have been so good at it.  Fun loving and a great big smile for them.   Hugs for you my friend.     I hardly ever go on this site anymore.  But your posts come on my email that's how I knew.....

Hugs coming your way

Sue Donny's Mom

At 10:35am on June 25, 2015, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Dear Donna,

My thoughts are with you today on this 5th year anniversary date.  I too hit that mark this year at Christmas time.  Man what a brutal effect this loss has had on our lives.  We miss our Donny just as much as we did 5 years ago.   I am sure you feel the same about Deanna.   Big hugs today for you.  I will light a candle for you and Deanna today.

Susan      Donny's Mom

At 1:12pm on March 1, 2015, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Donna, so sorry for your friends recent loss of her grandson.  Another sudden terrible tragedy.  Hugs and prayers going out to that family.

We know how shocking this all can be.   Hugs to you also.....

Susan  Donny's Mom

At 9:17pm on January 27, 2015, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Dear Donna.....Happy Belated Birthday.  All of our birthdays are important so wishing a late birthday wish.

Sorry you are feeling down....I know the years are at 5 for each of us now.   One of Donny's girls has a baby girl now (Lylah 4 mos) and another is due in May with a boy.  Life does go on.  I know I am fortunate to be involved in their lives and see them starting their own families now.  It's a mixed bag for sure, happy for them but tears at my heart that Donny isn't here to enjoy his grand babies.  

Know I am thinking of you and hope you can get out and walk or talk to someone in your family.  It's always good to talk it out.

Hugs Donna


At 9:05pm on December 27, 2014, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Hello Donna, wishing that your holidays were somewhat peaceful.  You re right there with me at 5 years.  We both lost our children in never the same.

Pretty much the holidays are over till next year.....such a big empty spot left open in our family.

Hugs to you and your family


At 10:48am on July 2, 2014, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Yes Donna so many new members.  But at least they have an outlet.  This site sure helped me thru the years and still does  I don't go on it much, like you I don't know how to make them feel better, new member help each other now and that is good.  I am coming into 5 years this Christmas and Tami just did her 5th year with her Joey.  Christmas day is just so hard to do anything in his memory, we try to stay positive and happy that day for all the kids so if we do anything in his memory we all get emotional.  We usually try to just make it through that day with a "toast" at the table and do a memory day on March 4th for his birthday.  Very sorry about your Mom.....we both lost our parents over 10 years ago.... that was so sad for us because both of us were very close to our parents.  Well good to hear from you and hugs from me.


At 10:00am on June 28, 2014, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Donna, I have been away for 10 days so I missed Deanna's angel birthday.  I am sorry, I always try to remember my special friends I have met on this website.  Sounded like it was a good day of rememberance.  Hugs to you and your family.  Thank you for always remembering Donny's special dates.


At 9:50pm on March 4, 2014, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Thank you Donna for thinking of our family today.  Was very low key day but we made it thru.....I think we all wear ourselves out the first few years trying to remember our lost children.  We spent the day together but just being together to make it through the day.

At 11:39am on December 26, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Dear Donna,

I just read your message to me and I want to thank you so much for thinking of my family.  I wish I could say it gets easier every year but as you know oh too well, it does NOT.  We miss Donny as much as 4 years ago.  We go through the motions for the little ones but I want the holidays over before they come.

Always hugs to you for thinking of me.  Yes we have been on this road together.  So many new members, such sadness.

Again thank you for lighting a candle for Donny.


At 7:51pm on November 20, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Dear Donna, I am sorry I missed your daughters BDay.  I had very serious surgery  8 days ago and haven't been on any computer.  Please know I am with you and your family.  We have been down this long road together.  Hugs to you today.


At 9:06pm on July 29, 2013, Kathy Mook said…

Donna, I'm so sorry about your Mom. I haven't been in here for awhile. I'll be praying for you. Hugs.


At 4:29pm on July 29, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Hello Donna, I know this month of June and of course November are the hardest months for you.  I hope good memories helped you through the month.

As you know I get a tattoo each year in memory of Donny, so here is the latest one in March.  It says, "Ohana" which in Hawaiian means Family no one is forgotten and no one is left behind.  Pretty much how I feel along with everyone else on here. 

Hugs to you Donna

Here is a pic of the tattoo

At 4:46pm on June 25, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Donna, I have my candle lit for Deanna all day and into tonight.  You are in my thoughts all day.  Hugs from me.



At 9:23pm on March 30, 2013, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Thank you for the Easter wishes!  Hope life finds you well.  Have a peaceful day tomorrow. 


At 4:14pm on November 15, 2012, Amelia R Chavez said…

Donna I'am so sorry to hear about your mom hugs and prayers to you.Now that the holidays are here its breaks my heart that you have so much pain to deal with,I wish the holidays would never come.Take cake my friend.

At 9:24pm on November 11, 2012, Tami said…
Donna! Thinking of you and sending prayers, I know this is really really hard on you. I pray that with Christina there you can find strength. I am so sorry about your Mom and your friend. Hugs and prayers, if I was closer I would be there with you.
At 12:35pm on November 10, 2012, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Morning Donna....we have missed you.  Hang in there the best way we all know how to do.  My thoughts are with you....all positive.  Not looking forward to these holidays lerking in the coming months....


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