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At 9:11pm on July 16, 2010, Annette Walters said…
Thank you for your comment regarding my son Chase. Did you go to his website at ? Chase is truly missed and loved! I know he is in heaven now...he loved God so much but had a disease - addiction. I know he is set free now and I just can't wait to join him up in paradise. God bless you! Annette
At 12:41pm on July 16, 2010, neicy said…
At 12:39pm on July 16, 2010, neicy said…
May God bless everyone here on this site the loss of a love one especially a child is one of the hardest things we will face in our lives , Just know that God is here to help us and prayer works ,Love you all
At 9:47pm on July 11, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,thanks for thinking about me and may God bless you as this week goes by as
I pray for your strength and may your heart be soothed and your mind eased in Jesus' name Amen!!!
At 10:53am on July 11, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,blessings & honor in Jesus'Holy & righteous name may your day be bright and your heart be light as the Spirit of God passes through your home and family with the blessing of your first grandchild,may the shield of God protect the womb until the time of birth.Peace!!!!
At 9:12am on July 11, 2010, Susan - Donny's Mom said…
Congratulations on this wonderful news!!! Being in this website is bittersweet....but to hear of great inspiring news for your family is good for all of us here. This baby will bring such joy to your family and believe that your son will be with all of you through this new journey.
Be open to the signs that he is with you. We have signs all the time from my son, we just can't see him.
My peace and joy be with your family and your new addition.
At 12:46am on July 10, 2010, neicy said…
In the mist of my storm God has sent a loving reminder that life goes on my oldest son announced
On Greg's Birthday that he and his wife are expecting my first grandchild what a blessing
At 9:03pm on June 28, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,it give me great joy to know that you're not going to give the enemy no ground to gloat over your grief but trust the Lord and believe with all your heart that God is watching over you and the Bible says in Isaiah 26:3 God will keep in perfect peace if you keep your mind stayed on him.So keep your focus on God and let your heart rest in the peace that passes all understanding and you shall be able to walk and not be confused.Neicy I try and bring a little joy to each person I speak with as each one is a little unique and I share my heart with each one as best as God leads me for all of our pain is common but yet all is different as we all grieve in varios ways but we can help each other as some days are better for some than others.One day might mean something different than for you and I than it does for someone else but all of our love is deep for our child.Be Blessed!!!
At 11:46pm on June 22, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,hope today finds you thanking God for all of the time you had with Gregory and not thinking about the time he's been gone because thar's what brings us down when we keep looking at that last day that we were with them for sometime I thought about the hospital room and the machine as they tried to shock her body and nothing worked,so now I try to keep my mind on how much she loved me and why does it hurt so bad.Neicy love does that too you and you have to look at the love and smile because you know your baby better than anyone and now the days you have in front of you have to be those of the joyus times you had and not the sickness that took him away,think of the laughter you had with each other the things that made happy or even the things that made you mad when they would do things they shouldn't have even those make you lauhg now,so be blessed my friend.
At 1:05am on June 21, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,I was looking over your comment & you said Gregory didn't tell you nothing about his symptoms,that's strange because Kisha had not complained of anything and now I'm going to hit you with the big one: our children knew that they were on the horizon and looking farther out than we can ever see my friend,they were looking in the zone that's only allowed when you keep your head and heart in he hands of the Lord.These things are done as to give us minimal pain,so don't think that your child left this world alone because God always sends an Angel to usher them in safely as so even with Lazurus at the rich man's gates beggging for a morsel but then the table was turned and the Rich Man was begging for lazurus to dip his finger in some water to cool the rich man tongue,but he couldn't do it for God had already fixed it rich man had to watch Lazurus be comforted and he beg for comfort in the flames of hell.So hold on and trust God.
At 4:21pm on June 18, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,you have my prayers and remember God will give you peace and answer you cry as you go through this tough time,my heart goes out to you and all that grace this site and share their hearts and pain as we help each other, so hold on and God will see you through.
At 3:05pm on June 18, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,I hope your days get easier and they will,but first you have to stop & take a look at the whole situation as it pertains to you, God & Gregory,I always tell people that God is too good to hurt people,if we take some time to look at the reality of a situation we'll find that God has our best interest at heart.When my daughter died I never once questioned God and I never charged God with her death,but I cried for three days over my daughter and I looked at the pain in my other children's eyes as they cried for their sister and next came the anger at God and I sat all of them down and told them that God had not done this to Kisha it was the blood vessel in her head which had been leaking for some time & finally weakened to the point of bursting and the blood covered her head so fast it killed her,the psysical infirmity was what took her so I say too you look at the situation and see what was it that really took Gregory because its important to make sure that we not point our anger at God and many do because its the convenient thing to do.My kids pointed their anger at God and I told them it was wrong and when they came to the conclusion it was wrong they stop talking and now they say nothing about Kisha,they said they just didn't understand and many don't so I beg of you to continue looking to God & you'll see that I'm telling you the truth,keep going to church and listening to the message and God is going to answer you in a message,a song,a prayer or a person within the "next month".You shall get clarity that God is not that cruel & I pray that others will slow down and stop and get a good look at the situation and see what wee the factors in your child passing away. Be Blessed

At 8:35am on June 16, 2010, Lisa Hobrook said…
Thank you so much, Neicy. He is truly as handsome inside as out. How I miss all that he was and all that he brought to my life. Just to hear his voice again I would give all that I am and more. Thank you for reaching out.
At 4:40pm on June 15, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hi Neicy,I forgot about the anxiety attacks,but you can stop those if you sit down and stop allowing your mind to wander all the time.Anxiety comes from an accelerated mindset where as you're always thinking something is after you or someone is after you,so you really have to rest your mind and body at the same time.You must slow down and not let this thing consume you to the point of breakdown,if not then they'll send you to Behavorial health and then comes all of the medicines such nerve pill antidepressants,trust me dear for I take 18 different medicines for my health as they have added another nerve pain medicine and they all get boring taking them and not getting well and you sound like you're on track to start going to the doctors and they'll make you out of a guinea pig until there is no end so try and get some rest and you'll do better.Even though rest sound hard you do need to rest,I know its hard because I lost a lot of time when my child died,everything stopped and for a year I didn't know I had lost time and I forgot her birthday because I was stuck in time and I found that others have gotten stuck in time as the pain has been so great that they have not moved forward.So Be Blessed Neicy and try to rest a little .
At 3:24pm on June 15, 2010, Rev.James Durden said…
Hello Neicy,thanks for your kind words,I've sat and watched as people come & go but the most comfort I get is hearing the heart of people such as yourself pour out all of the hurt that's inside of them as they go day by day.Neicy your life has brought you to threshhold of pain and pain has a way of exposing the weaknessess we have but when we're shown those weaknessess we have the option of surviving or succumbing to them,if your Gregory would give you any advice today I'm sure he would say mom I'm okay now so please take care of yourself because he doesn't want you to be in confusion everyday,as you travel down this road day by day I pray that you catch a glimspe of how much love you two shared and let that love fill your heart and allow a smile to come because you know how much he loves you then will you see him smile, for the pain field has been broken and your heart will light up.God knows that you seek that peace that surpasses understanding and while you look to God for that peace your heart find it and all of God's loving grace will pour into spirit.So live on and continue to stand tall as you go day by day.I know you might not feel very strong but trust me you really are strong.
At 11:49am on June 13, 2010, Shirley Gutierrez said…
Thank you for your comforting words. I am so sorry for you and I understand your pain. I hope it becomes easier in time. Others tell us it will. It cannot become more difficult, that's for sure.
At 12:12pm on June 6, 2010, Haunani said…
Hello Neicy remember all the good times and the joy he brought you i know its hard because we want them here with us in their physical presence. We want to hear their voice, laughter and calling us mom. I miss my son every single day from the time i get up to the time i go to sleep in the beginning it is very hard and thats alright that why its called grieving even the people we thought would understand may not no one can until they too have experienced a loss. I have a little area where i have a pictures of him, when he was a little boy his picture from his memorial and other special items that make me smile and miss him everyday. He was cremated and his remains is in a beautiful box. Its been 6 months for you it will be close to a year for me and the pain will always be there and that is alright. In time hopefully it will lessen but continue to take each day put one foot in front of the other and pray which may be hard to do. Most people won't say anything because most people don't know what to say with the lost of a child. First and foremost take care of yourself, go to the beach, park and just think remember and cry for the loss of your son, most grieving is done in private and i also read a book 5 people you meet in heaven its just another perspective on death and dying. I hope this helps just a little. I wish you well and will think of you in my thoughts.
At 11:30pm on May 7, 2010, judy taylor said…
Hi neicy
I lost both os my sons within 5 weeks and 6 days and 8 hours its been 2 and 1/2 yrs these melt downs bad.I walked the yard till 5am this morning because i hear them calling me are i hear there cars.I am so sorry for your lost.if you would like to talk please email me @judytaylor1227live.commy heart goes out
to you judy
At 8:44pm on May 7, 2010, Annerose said…
Hello neicy, my son just turned eighteen when he passed. He had no relationship with his father for 11years,guess he wanted to see for himself if his father was still the same or changed. His biological father did not even get his name right in the obit,sad but true. He owns me $35000 in back childsupport.

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