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At 6:56pm on April 18, 2011, Ronda Johnston said…
Thank You Nancy for writing me back, I so understand how your feeling, I miss Sean so much, I still can't believe it.... Our sons passed within days of one another,  can u believe it going to be a yr.... This just blows my mind how fast this went.... I have thought about Sean every minute of the day since he's been gone, my whole world changed the day he left, Part of me went with him!!!!   I have a daughter she is 21 soon to be 22 on June 19th.... Sean passed away 5 days before her 21st birthday, We had a trip planned for her & few of her friends 2 months prior.... Were all just lost with out him.......Nancy are you on FB? I am... If u are I would love to be your friend on FB too, I have more photos & a slide show I made in memory of Sean, So let me know if you are, k? Nancy if you ever want to talk anytime I'm here, We need each others support, Ya Know????  Well Nancy please write when ever u want to I will be here...... Hugs to you & your family.  Love Ronda
At 12:07am on April 15, 2011, Ronda Johnston said…
Hi Nancy, My name is Ronda Johnston and I was just reading some of the blogs these parents have posted & I just read what you wrote about your son, Let me just start off first & tell u how sorry Iam to hear about your son, I also lost my 1 & only son my first born he was 25 his name is Sean, He passed June 14th 2010 the worst day of my life!!!!!  If you get my message please I would love to hear back from you, would like to get to know you & your son.... God Bless You, Ronda
At 2:09pm on January 19, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
Thanks Nancy. How do I survive when I lived for Candace Rae Watson? Sadly i just keep breathing!
At 10:58pm on January 18, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
I'm going to see the girls Sunday. I'm going to bake some peanut butter cookies for them.
At 10:56pm on January 18, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
Thanks for your encouraging words Nancy. My brain tells me what is right but my body refuses to accomplish the "follow thru".
At 3:49pm on January 18, 2011, Anne Bowe said…
Nancy - i Am so sorry for you - it seems so unreal to have that happen at such a young age - we have friends who lost their 17 year old daughter at a school track meet - they did not carry a defibulator with them to meets!
At 3:46pm on January 18, 2011, Anne Bowe said…
Nancy how very sorry I am for you - hard to believe a heartbattack at such a young age! we have friends who lost their17 year old daughter at
At 7:56pm on January 17, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
Thank you for your coments.
At 7:56pm on January 17, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
Thank you for your coments.
At 7:24pm on January 17, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
Hi Nancy. Your son is a nice looking young man. We'll be w/our chidren one day.
At 7:24pm on January 17, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…
Hi Nancy. Your son is a nice looking young man. We'll be w/our chidren one day.
At 3:04pm on January 6, 2011, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…


Thank you for writing back, I am so sorry you had to experience the loss of a child twice.  How horrible.

My brother died when I was 15, so my mom has been a huge help in supporting me with the loss of Autumn.  My husband and sons have also been there too, I just think it's different for mom's.

I guess today I was just shocked by the depth of my sadness, I've been pushing it away for the past month not wanting to lose it in front of my kids or their friends.

I appreciate all of your kind words and encouragement.  Thank you.

At 7:34pm on November 17, 2010, Nancy Holiman said…
On November 7th it was 5 months since Christian passed and it is still as new as yesterday.
We celebrated his 26th Birthday with a balloon release with messages in each balloon at one of his favorite places 'The Point' a beautiful location here in Kansas City that overlooks the entire city lights.
Were now gearing up for the 'Survival Event' that our family takes part in and has for years, it is a Homeless Event that we do twice a year in the Kansas City area and generally feed and clothe anywhere from 4000-6000 local homeless to low income families.
This was something Christian so enjoyed doing and looked forward to doing.
But on November 27th at our next event
C.O.P.P.S 'Care of Poor People' will be Honoring my young son,
Christian W. Baker for his years of dedication and devotion to the less fortunate of this great city.
I know when the kids and I see the posters and the people and have to deal with the media its going the hardest thing since his death.
Were just not sure how were going to get through it without him
At 8:19am on October 19, 2010, JoAnn Brozowski said…
I lost my 24 year old son Tyler on January 26th. he would have turned 25 on September 19th. I know exactly how you feel. He was my only child. I can't breathe, I don't know how I make it from day to day. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
At 6:57pm on July 23, 2010, Sharon Eickenroth Mitchell said…
thank you Nancy for the help to share our kindred sad that we need to in this way:,( I pray you are feeling some peace today...and that it will grow and surround you.
At 7:27pm on July 22, 2010, Sharon Eickenroth Mitchell said…
Dear tears mingle with yours as we walk this heartache trail. It is so sur-real to walk where we have to now. Life will never be the can it be. they change us when they come into our lives and hearts...and again when they are taken from us. The imprint that they leave behind on us will always be...unique, beautiful. You are so very new in your grieve of your precious Christian....I remember thoes first days, weeks,... years. it has been 5 years for me with the loss of my 17 year old son Nickolas. Most days now I can breathe with relaitive ease...then there are thoes days that I grieve as if it were this very day that I heard thoes words..."Nickolas is gone" write if you like...i would love to hear from you. Sharon...Nickolas's mom
At 4:14pm on July 9, 2010, lula par said…
i am so very sorry,but. how can a 25 y/o die of a heart atack
At 7:18pm on July 8, 2010, gina marie said…
dear Nancy, i am so sorry to hear the pain in your messarge and wish there was a way to comfort you as we are going through it as well and understand how devastating something like this is. Things just dont go on like before and never will so i hope noone is telling you that they should. Our worlds will forevermore have the enornous "hole" in them and for us it has been alnost a year but seems like a month because the pain is still so fresh. i wish there was some way i could reach out and take your heartache away. I hope you have a support system around you--family and friends and someone you can call day or night no matter what the time so you do not feel so alone. i am so sorry for the loss of your dear son Christian and i pray you will find what you need to see you through,,,,,,,,, gina
At 8:55pm on July 6, 2010, Nancy Holiman said…
I lost my son Christian (age 25yrs young) to a heart attack just a few weeks ago on June 7th, 2010, I feel as If I cannot breathe.

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