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At 7:40am on October 1, 2017, elyse said…
Linda,"Hello friend"
At 10:29am on September 26, 2017, Linda Victor said…
Thank you for your help in trying to figure this out and this site has helped me alot but i still am this terrible living situation that gets worse every day, and still crying about Frank and why did he do this not only to me himself too if only i was there the few days he was having chest pains and could not breathe, he cud be alive right now, none of this insanity that followed like a spiral going down fast one thing after another ending up in a lunatic asylum that originally was for ohysical therapy after surgery all brcause Frank would not let me come back to my own apt losing everything my paintings my clothes, all my things in storage oils and acrylics atleast 400 tubes of high grade paint canvases easel high grade museum photography all matted and backed all my art materials a brand new sterns and foster queen matress antiques photography pics of my whole family albums that were high grade of my father calligraphy i cud go on and on only to have left my 2 cats that this girl is still watching whom i am now getting uncomfortable about how these cats are doing and how she is taking care of them and need to get an apt immediately but dont hv any funds yet to get one and living in comstant danger in a place thats very dangerous for my well being all i hv left is a suitcase with almost nothing left and all of this insanity being left with nothing but a suitcase of just barley anything all because of Frank not letting me come back finding out i was still legally in the lease imtil jun 15th not march 10th this man that i treated like a God lived with for almost 3 yrs telling me all the time that he loved me and wanted to marry me changed so much as time went on right before he had that heart attack and grew much worse after i had the surgery i wonder now how could i now still love this man who not only died and had i been there seeing him not being able to breathe walking around a week with chest pains yes he could have died anyway even if i brought him to the hosp he was going to and drs that were his and even he did pass atleast i wud have been there with him not in some crazy place only seeing him once since my surgery on my hip but could hv healed had stability had not lost everything not have ended up in this horrible place and i still wonder why??? Why did he not only kill himself but he killed me my cats and my life losing everything including him and have slowly been taking actions to get my life somewhat stable because living like this is not only dangerous and my cats need to be with me before they end up being so traumatized they will die i cant take another loss esp them that even my orthopedist at the hosp for special surgery who knew Frank and knew the insane situation that ive been going thru told me i have to get stable living somewhere decent if only a room and my cats are very important now because there is no one now in my life that is nuturing and loving and need love and to be nutured and need to be with them living like a human being in a human stable apt getting back to my art and my work immediately or ill just get worse never better hes right i do need that and today i feel almost nothing anymore about Frank only that i got beaten down even before this all happened and wish now i never met him or fell inhe never loved me had he even cared ine bit he never wud hv let me go living frm one person in the e crazy a place like this even thougwasgood i did get alot of physical therapy but what insanity i went thru he never cared about me whether i lived or died and he took me down with him only hhe died and im now in a living death. Thanks for listening Linda Victor
At 11:34pm on September 15, 2017, elyse said…
Linda,Try not to blame yourself.When we lose someone we love,most of us will feel guilt in not doing something.The guilt will further your anguish.Even if you brought him to the hosp he wanted,you wouldn't know the outcome.Anything heart related,can be very sudden and change without notice.I know of the anguish,because I feel it myself as well as the guilt.The day my brother went missing,I was working and had text him,I wished I had spoken to him instead and for 3 yrs now,I still think of this.If I had spoken to him,could I have detected something in his voice,I would have left work in that instance.WHY didn't I as a sister seen/known something.
Not to change subject,but to let you know,there are groups within this group you can join and bond with others going through the same loss.On top screen,Click on:Community,Select:Groups,Highlight Group you want to join,Scroll down to Common Wall and highlight the name of the group.As you see on Main Wall there are many Bereaved Spouses,that would be a good group to join,they will reach out to you.
At 10:12am on September 15, 2017, Linda Victor said…
At 10:12am on September 15, 2017, Linda Victor said…
Thank you for your welcoming response boy do i need this group. I lost my xfiance very unexpectedly and was still living with him but had a total hip teplacemennt in nyc at the hospital for special surgery & lived 235 miles away and had to stay in the city for atleast 3 weeks and was going back to saratoga springs but my then fiance told me several times that he needed to take me off the lease because he owed 1,,200 in rent & needed money to pay the rent because of eviction and could not get help with my name on lease too. I thought no big deal and said ok. To get to the point it turned out i was only permitted to see my cats (whom he took care of for me and they looked so great) and saw him only for one day snd was told by mgr & him i cud not stay more than 24 hrs brcause i was off the lease, so i gathered we were broken up and packed some things because & he told me because my walking was still bad he would continue to watch the cats(he loved animals) & i trusted him as if i had them also he said to come back in a couple of wks and then take them if can,moving foward that was the last time i saw him he was so great for just that one day and it was so great being home sleeping with my kitties comforting me and then he came into the bed and comforted me that was my home and was so upset when i left i had to rent a car and drive all the way back even further to the jersey shore where my cousin (one of many i stayed with) was and after that he never let me come back, coming up with tons of excuses (he had a quadruple bypass 20 yrs befre & had a heart attack right befire my surgery and i cancelled my surgery my hip was so bad at tthat point i cud barley walk but managed to have a friend help me and drive me for four days in a row sitting at his side cring and praying asking God to take my life for his that he was my tower of strength and everone even folk who only met him for minutes said he was so strong he had such an aura of strength & had so many miracles that happened to him before escaping death i knew he wud have another one and he did he just woke up his heartbeat stayed stable and they released him in a week, i could not believe it. He even drove the nect day 60 miles. Meanwhile i cud now not even walk to elevators or do anything but didnt want him to take me to the city after what just occured a heart attack. But i needed the surgery really bad and rescheduled and he had his family nurses and help but didnt want it or so he said need it but did not let him drive 238 miles to the city and go thru massive stress i was afraid he would die and it would have been too much. Five months going from one place to another and he was getting more and more abusive and i waa not permitted in his words to come unless i took all my stuff and the cats and leave the same day that was impossible with my hip?? And driving about 800 miles round trip in one day, after all this i ended up in an adult facility getting physical therapy and begging him to come home i missed him my cats so much but he was acting more and more crazy and he knew i did not now have any money to rent a car or get there and he said he still loved me but didnt want to live with me and that the dr said he had to go on August 4th to the hosp he was in to either get a pacemaker or see if his heart got any stronger. I said i wish i could be there and wanted to be there for him because he also was starting to say for a week before he died he was getting worried and scared because he couldnt breathe good & had that not after the heart attack not when he smoked ever, plus he had chest pains for over a week on and off but carried kitty litter and heavy things and told him to stop it. His last call he said he was going to hosp he said i was poisoning him (I wasnt there in 3 mos) and that if there was he was telling them & left the mgr a ltr next call i got was 1 day later frm mgr telling me Frank passed away last nite & she said his family was very mad at me.
At 12:47am on September 14, 2017, elyse said…
Linda,Welcome to our group.Most of all,Sorry for your loss.I am here for the loss of my brother.We are here to support each other.

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