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At 12:13am on June 11, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi everyone here just stopped to.say.hi
Joan, Tammi, Valerie, taking it one day at.a time Alicia Jesse's Mom
At 9:12pm on May 25, 2012, Tami said…
Thanks for writing Alicia, we are doing ok! I know what you mean about the 3 years coming up, Joeys 3 will be next is still so hard to believe, some days are worse then others... How are you doing? I don't get on here and write much, but I do read, I pray for all of us to make it through the day with a few laughs and a lot of smiles and beautiful memories of our children, I know it's hard for a lot of us, but this is the new life we have been given, go with the flow of grief, but if it starts taking over SEEK help, if you were drowning in the ocean you would want help, I feel the same about grief. Love you my dear friend, post for Jesses 3 year and ask others to light a candle, we can light up the world on that day...
At 7:18am on May 25, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

Alicia, I think it's good to get out.  I can't stay in this house for very long at all. Especially since Andy died here.  We've talked about moving which really bothers all the kids, they all have such good memories here.  For now I am staying busy.  We are putting together a walk-a-thon tp raise funds for a memorial scholarship in Andy's name.  It's been like a full time job but it lets me feel like I'm still being a mom to him.

At 7:55am on May 24, 2012, valerie canosa said…
Hi Alicia, I'm right by you but doing good and also missing my SAra too, I can not express how much!! Thank you for checking up on me, I will continue praying for you and everyone else on this site!! XOXO
At 4:08am on May 22, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

HI Alicia,

Thank you for thinking of me.  I'm right there with you..struggling too.  It seems like it's getting harder rather than easier.  Hoopefully, we will get through this...together.  (((HUGS)))

At 12:49pm on April 30, 2012, Jaime's Mom (Martha) said…

Hello Alicia,

Im happy to hear from you and I think about you and all the other parents on this site.  Things are going good and I miss my Jaime too... sometimes I feel guilty bc i dont cry kick and scream because my child is missing, but I think that he is happy and all-knowing and looking down on me and he is guiding me to heaven.

How are you and your family doing?

At 6:52pm on April 28, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

Alicia, the fact that you can recall the "dream" so clearly even still tells me that it was him.  That's another way I "see" things.  And the difference between my VISIONS and dreams (aside from sometimes visions are about something that is going to happen) is that the visions play out clearly, like a movie in detail.  Where dreams jump around and when I try to recall a dream it doesn't make as much sense.  Visions don't jump around and they don't fade from memory like a dream.  I suspect the sad face was because he was sad for what you are having to go through but he wanted you to see and know that he is ok.  I only got one similar visit like that from my brother.  Cherish it.

At 3:39am on April 28, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

I just realized the first letter ended long before I thought.  About the radio.  As i was crying the radio which is always kept on the same station went out.  Eventually I got up and tried to get the station to come in and NO station would come in untl suddenly where usually there is no station Motely Crue started playing.  Motely Crue is one group we both loved and went to the concert together and had a great time.  I got up and got in the shower and another crue song came on, then another..the entire time I was getting ready nothing but motely crue songs talking, no commercials, no other groups.  The next time I turned the radio on it was back on our regular station.

Like I said I can give you numbers of people who have witnessed or experienced this themselves because I understand fully how crazy it sounds (that's why I haven't wrote about it) But this has always been part of my life.  I don't call on it, they come to me.  I don't know why some do and some don't.  I don't recall my Dad ever contacting me.  My mom only when my daughter was born although she did contact my dad quite often.  Then sometimes I just hear or see people I have no idea who they are.  I don't know

 why. (that includes some I do not want around)  I've been asked to "proove my sensitivity" by someone who sensed that I was and I nailed it.  Just know that just like there are bad people here on earth there are also bad people in spirit and you can't see them unless they are able to manifest themselves for you too...they will typicallly try to fool you.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS AND PRAY.


I hope I haven''t convinced you that I am a complete nut case or whacked out on my meds.  Again I can give you numbers of people if you want to verify what I  am telling you.  Just try to be open, your spirit is better to speak to your Jesse than any other.


Much love,


At 3:22am on April 28, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

Okay this next one is embarrassing but it is my son's sense of humor...I was upset one night and my husband was holding thing led to pieces together..and at a very bad time suddenly our clock radio blasted the radio full volume for about 20 seconds.  My husband checked it and the clock was not set nor was the volume up on the radio (he usually tries not to wake me because I sleep so little) We knew it was Andy and both of us laughed and ordered him out of our bedroom..well his cell phone was in our room and when we did that it started ringing but nobody was calling! at that point we turned it off and told him that that kind of joke was not appropriate.  The biggest one though happened when his gf was here.  They were very much in love and he intended to marry her.  She is from Switzerland.  They met when she was here as a foriegn exchange student and maintained a long distance relationship seeing each other just one or two months a year but their communication was outstanding.  Well it was her, my husband, two of his friends and me and we were first all sitting downstairs talking about him and Olivia wanted to experience him like we have so I said we could see if he was here and we went up to his room and sat by the light of her cell phone and listened to songs he had sent her ( he used to send her a song every morning).  Well suddenly the light on her phone started flashing to the music.  She kind of laughed and said "look he's here and he's dancing to the music." but she said it half joking.  I just smiled.  It kept doing it and i said "Andy is that you?"  And one of the others said "If that's you make the light go out" and the light went off"  and stayed off until Olivia said "turn it back on! Turn it back on!" and it came back on bright (the music never stopped playing) then they were all amazed and started asking him questions and he would answer appropriately by making the light go bright or out until it got too emotional for one of his friends then for Olivia at which time he started flickering it like crazy and I asked him if he wanted to stop?  iIt would go real fast with the flickering and I asked if he wanted me to go check on Olivia to make it go real bright which he did and that's where it stopped.  It both helped her and overwhelmed her.  Of course hearing about it another good friend of his who he grew up with stopped by last weekend and she wanted to try it so we did and it wasn't as extreme but he wouldn't let anyone but her and I pick out songs and have them play.  LOL  (my son always the gentleman lol) By this point the boys are getting more comfortable with it and they were telling him "Dude this just isn't cool" lol  Hehe, he turns the light off on Kyle when he goes up there at night too knowing it freaks him out. lol  Oh!  My husband is reading over my shoulder and reminded me of another thing he did when Olivia was here.  We all went out to his "grave" site.  The first time for Olivia so it was mixed with emotions.  It was us (my hushand,, daughter and myself and Olivia, Kyle and another friend of theirs Amanda) Amanda had driven the older kids and my husband and daughter and I rode in our car.  Well Amanda for some reason parked a ways away.  I think she thought he was in where we had the public graveside.  Anyway, on the way back to their car Kyle was teasing Olivia trying to run and get the front seat and we all saw it, it was as if Andy tackled or tripped Kyle so Olivia would get the front seat.  It appeared just like someone you couldn't see took him down right at the last moment, right by the car.  Every one of us said it was Andy making sure that Olivia got the front seat..Kyle didn't even deny it.  He didn't trip over his feet or anything visible..he just went down over something we couldn't see.  Like I said...always the gentleman. lol  He's told me he's okay and how amazing it is there.  That amazing doesn't begin to describe it and that we all will be together again rea

At 2:30am on April 28, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

Alicia please don't apologize for talking to me about our sons or how you're feeling.  You have no idea how much it helps ME.  Thank you! I've been struggling hard lately.  The medications the doctor has me on aren't working.  I can't focus yet if I don't keep my mind busy I fall apart.


As far as having a reading, maybe I'm wrong because I've always been a sensitive but I truly believe that it's within all of us to open to spirit to spirit talk.  Also if you can relax and try talking to him with your soul then you run less risk of someone or something you don't want fooling you and they will try.  Your heart will know your son.  Keep in mind they are in paradise and think of it as trying to get your child's attention at a fair or circus or something  where they really love being. (I know he's not a "child" but it's an example) and time to them is different now.  I'm willing to bet that somewhere in your thoughts there is at least a small part of your that thinks he can't contact you because you''re not a "medium"?  Usually that's the case.  Usually if the person thinks about it there is a snall bit of doubt of some sort in their thoughts.  If this is the case know that, at least I believe that we all can make that contact.  I personally believe that it's our souls connecting and speaking and it can take place between two people living in bodies or out of bodies it's just different when one is out of their body and I don't have all the answers there.  I think from the time we are children we are told over and over that when things happen that is communication (can't be explained) that it was our imagination or explained away somehow..just a coincidence, poor wiring of something...there are all sorts of incidents and explanations we are told.  But let's say you are missing Jesse and your radio suddenly comes on..many would say it was just a fluke with the switch.  How do they know?  What makes that any more likely and true than it being Jesse trying to tell you "mom I'm here"?  Do you see what I mean?  And once you  become accustomed to noticing things like that you start to notice how the happen to match more with spirit to spirit talk than bad wiring. (sometimes it is bad wiring don't get me wrong) You start to notice subtle changes in how your feel emotionally, feelings on your skin, temperature changes even just an over all feeling in the room...sort of like when you know someone has walked into the room without looking up when you are reading a book or something.  If you choose to go through with this either way though be very cautiious and pay very close attention to how you feel..if you feel just not right to anything worse pray.  I know this sounds nutty to some but please trust me.  I can even give you names of some of my friends or let you write or call and speak to some of them or my husband who have been around me enough to tell you what I am saying is true.  You never know when you open that door who will try to come through.  When I was a teenager and first realizing my "gift" I played with things like an ouja board and it got very scary.  I saw and had to battle what I believe to be demons...if they weren't demons I never want to deal with a demon.  I know two of my friends and my exhusband all witnessed these off the top of my head.  There may be others if I think about it.  My husband and I caught one on video and I made him burn it.  That said he is probably contacting you already.  Andy does me I just haven't talked about it on here.  Kyle Matthew Huddleston is a legacy member who can tell you that some of these are true because he is one of Andy's friends who has been there for some and experienced some himself.  (this may take two messages)  First the day we had to go make arrangments I grabbed one of the towels when getting ready that he and I had picked out for his dorm room and that was all it took to send me immobile and bawling.  Well we have a radio in the bathroom that is ALWAYS o

At 9:57pm on April 27, 2012, Tami said…
Hi Alicia! I don't know how the conference went... I never get to go to any of them because I dont travel. I know that they have conferences in Texas, I just don't know where, the compassionate friends site will tell you where they are if you are interested. I like the ones that have mediums...I've been to one and she brought me so much hope, they are so expensive though! Have you been to any conferences or had a reading from a medium?
At 5:50pm on April 27, 2012, Lori Jones-Andy's mom said…

Hi Alicia,

I was just thinking of you.  I hope your hanging in there. 

At 12:25pm on February 20, 2012, Jaime's Mom (Martha) said…

Alicia, God bless your heart.  I can tell you really love your children and they are lucky to have you.  Jaime was my only child and now I wish I would have had more children... but like you said... things happen for a reason.  It must have been hard for your younger children to have lost their older brother.  Im sorry for your loss.  Im sure he was a good kid and loved you alot.  My Jaime was a very good kid (young man), he was very quiet and kinda shy and he would always tell me to calm down and not to make a big deal about anything.  I miss him and he knows it.  Ill have to write to you later when I am not at work.  Take care.

At 10:22am on February 20, 2012, Jaime's Mom (Martha) said…

Alicia... thank you for reaching out.  I joined this group, but I have not commented anything.  Just reading everyones post.  My son Jaime passed away on 2-7-11 and I am still in disbelief.  He had leukemia and we fought it for 14 months.  He was just 21 when he was diagnosed.  We had faith in God that everything was going to be fine in the long run... but we were caught off guard.  Ive never blamed God.. I thanked him for taking my son and stopping the suffering.  I want to be a better person now.. but it is hard.

At 8:34pm on February 17, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Luv u son I miss u everyday why did u live us
At 10:59pm on February 16, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Miss u Jesse how I Wich u were here
At 10:44pm on January 17, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Tami it's me I could not get in to my other's that I got a new they made me another email.but.the other has my other email in other phone
Should I just post on this one or the later one in other asking what I should do?? Alicia Jesse's Mom Sorry Tami.I'm just having a hard time getting to my post n profile. I need you're advice if you could please Thank You

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