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At 6:42pm on March 7, 2022, Jeanette said…
Chuck thank you for your kind and thoughtful welcoming words. I’m not a Taiper or a Texter much less like to play on my phone and I’m definitely not into any form of social media I find that any form of therapy or support groups via video chat feels more comfortable and genuine if you come across anything please let me know thank you
At 11:15am on April 20, 2019, DJ said…

Hey Chuck, I have to ask:  what is the meaning of "1 4 3" on Larry's plaque?


(constant reader but infrequent poster in Bereaved Spouses)

At 8:57am on September 6, 2017, Cindy Slusser said…

Thanks Chuck, you words meant so much to me at this time.

Especially about going into a store, which i did yesterday and almost fell to pieces.I havent listened to music yet , as its just too much.

At 10:34am on March 25, 2017, Mary. Jane said…
Hi Chuck. I hope this works. I am still not familiar with my IPad...I was soooo happy with my XP...but then I had to get a new Windows 7.5 or 8 or whatever it was, and finally had to switch to wifi...(I knew it was just a way for Big Brother to watch you LOL...yes I am an x hippie...hope that doesn,t bother you. And, no, I could not afford an IPad..when Bob got sick, my daughters boss Bought me this! Her father had died of cancer, but she was able to FaceTime him across the miles b4 he died and she wanted to do the same for my daughter. Ironically he died the next day after it arrived and we never got to use it.
I am going to make each of my posts short so if I loose them here, I won,t have poured my heart out for nothing.
I HAVE to tell you why I chose YOU to was your PICTURE! I am guessing that is you and Larry? I took one look at that picture and to me, it looked EXACTLY like one of those pictures that come with a frame you buy in the store. It was wonderful. Which person are u? You will have to excuse me if I get information wrong...I have a very hard time focusing on who is who. Steve is your new love, right?
You can swear all you want with me. I don,t care. Words only have power if u let them. Ok I am going to see if this posts..if it does, I will send u a second post about who I am than you for responding.
At 11:04pm on September 8, 2016, elyse said…
Chuck,Your message to Maureen was beautifully written as many as your posts are,but this one dated Sept.8 was most exceptional.
At 7:18pm on July 21, 2016, carol said…
Thank you for the kind words and the welcome into your group, This has been an extremely hard thing to go through, Again Thank you. Carol
At 11:26am on July 5, 2016, Sara Murphy said…

Hi Chuck.  Thinking about you.  Haven't seen any posts from you recently which has me worried.  I'm aware you have health issues but if you're able to, please check in.  I'm sending extra prayers your way.

Love Sara

At 8:16pm on July 4, 2016, Deb S said…

Chuck, Are you OK?  I haven't heard from you for a while and am concerned. Please check in when convenient.  Thanks.

Love, Deb

At 11:56am on May 25, 2016, elyse said…
Hello Chuck,I was wondering if you can answer one question,I'm not too familiar still with this site.
How do I get my"Blog post" to go back on top ? It dropped to bottom of my page.
thank you
At 3:32pm on April 27, 2016, elyse said…
Chuck,Sorry to hear of your losses as well,especially last April of your husband.We all share similar feelings and I'm glad that I've found this group,I can say whatever may be on my mind without judgment and even if no one responds,it's good to release it.Some people/ family don't know what to say so I usually respond with I'm ok when anyone asks.elyse sister of Lee 6/13/59-5/28/14.I posted on the main wall a suggestion of each member posting this at end,so we can send a remembrance to each other,I thought it was a nice gesture,what do you think?
At 6:05pm on April 24, 2016, Deb S said…

Chuck, Thank you for your thoughts on Friday. I felt them and did well!!  You are such a sweet friend.  I hope your today was better than your yesterday.  Love, Debbie

At 2:35pm on March 12, 2016, Sara Murphy said…

Chuck,  my new friend......As far as I'm concerned, you're just a man going through the same heartbreaking loss we all are.....the loss of our soulmates.  I too was apprehensive about posting on a forum such as this for the same reason,  how do you know what/who is real or fake.  I came to realize very quickly through the comments I read that we are all very real and offering helping hands to each other.

One of Ken's good friends is gay and has been with his partner for over 30 years.  They were lucky enough to get married a few years ago.   Ken and I would go out with them in the same way we would any other couple.  We would go to dinner,  walk around a lake near us, go out for an ice cream etc.  We would talk about the same things anybody else would.  It was of no concern to us what other people may have thought.  I want you to feel comfortable and safe here.  Love is love and that's it.  Gay or straight doesn't least not to me.


At 3:52am on January 8, 2016, Marsha H said…

Dear Chuck ...

Just in case you need me to discuss something more personal with your grief here is my email:   Please, don't feel you need to email me as I know some people are very private and I would never be offended. 



At 5:04am on January 6, 2016, Christina Marangolo said…

Thank you for your welcoming words.  I lost my husband over the summer.  Although I have many friends & family it's nice to know that there are others going through what I am.

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