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At 8:46pm on July 30, 2019, Chicago Beard said…

Hi Frances 

Sorry it took so long to respond to you. I am way behind on my emails. Thank you so much for the kind comments. Yes I am a musician and in a band called Gallows Humor. Be well.

Chicago Beard

At 11:59am on July 23, 2019, Chei Chen said…


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Best regards


At 1:25am on June 26, 2019, Thomas Goodrich said…

Thank you Frances.

At 7:53pm on May 4, 2019, Melinda CANDACE Guinn said…

I hope our site brings you solace Frances. Frances was my Grandmother's name, a very loved woman.

At 4:09pm on April 30, 2019, Barbara Rieger said…

You're Welcome Frances.  It had to be a shock to experience your husbands demise.  Frances, I understand what you're saying about losing someone you love being tough. I lost my first husband many years ago when I divorced him. In fact I learned a couple years ago that he passed just 5 weeks after our son. Unfortunately, I didn't go back to my job that was good; instead got a job closer to where I lived. My son Joe was 2 years old and I put him in a nursery. It was at the new job that I met my present husband Bill. He adopted Joe and he wanted to do that well before we got married. Long story I won't go into. 

You have experienced a loss of a beloved partner twice and with you coming on Legacy 3 months after your second husband's loss that in itself just shows you how strong you really are. We can do things we may never have thought possible. The reason is because woman by nature are surviors. We have hope and love for life and others in our life. You need to just take one step at a time and do your best then if you believe in God he will do the rest! Always believe in yourself as I feel you have done by taking your very first step here in a very short amount of time. I'm glad that you responded to my post because now you have gotten more comfortable. 

There is a group that you can join on Legacy for 'Loss of a Spouse' however, you can always post on the latest conversation if you want to do that. People do that from other groups here. At one time the group I'm in was very active now there is David, Melinda and some others that come on infrequently as compared to previous years. If you want to talk to me again just click on my name and I'll respond. I like to type and communicate with people. Look forward to talking with you real soon and I'll respond when I check out Legacy. Take good care of yourself because you are important. Believe in yourself by having faith and always have hope for each day.

Bye bye for now.


At 11:49pm on April 29, 2019, Barbara Rieger said…

Hi Frances,

My name is Barbara Rieger and I lost my only child my favorite son Joe. I am a member of 'Loss of a Child.' It was on April 5, 2010 nine years ago that 2 policemen came to my front door at 8am and asked to come in. I stood there looking at them and said "This is not good." When my husband came to the family room the police asked us to sit down. And then told us that our son passed. It was a shock.  Frances, you wrote that you feel lost and I'm wondering who it is in your life that you love and feel the absence of the one person that is causing you to feel lost? I will respond to you when I have a chance either Tuesday or Wednesday. Looking forward to having a conversation with you on your comment wall. Bye for now.



At 10:32pm on April 29, 2019, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Melinda Guinn lost a 30-year old daughter, and is always willing to chat.

At 10:25pm on April 29, 2019, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Hi Frances, there are a few ways to chat on this site. Some work better than others. Like I think you will rarely get anyone replying on the 'Main Room'!

I lost my 45-year old son in 2011. Who did you lose? For sure there will be someone closer to your loss. Persevere and you shall find!

I wish you strength, courage and peace.

David, Bernie's dad.

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