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At 6:53pm on October 18, 2009, Tami said…

Love the poem you wrote... I wish I was talented like that, boy could I get some feelings out!
At 3:48am on October 13, 2009, Tami said…
I love this because it is so true.

At 3:45am on October 13, 2009, Tami said…
Hi Leslie, I look at Jordans picture and think what a handsome guy. I know you miss him so much, i miss Joey too, It just feels like an empty hole in your heart that is only filled wioth tears... such a sadness. iI am always here everyday or you can email me if you would rather talk that way, my email address is Atonsgirl@aol.com
Great big hugs for you and Jordan, I hold you in my heart and prayers.
At 2:56pm on October 12, 2009, Leslie L. Fiorda said…
Hello everybody;
I have an annoucement to make. I am hoping to stop any one who may visit someones grave to pay their respects, to please do not "tape" anything to their markers. Today my sons headstone was found with "blue tape" across it and all around it. The only thing left visible was a heart, all the other writing had washed off from the sprinklers and the hot sun. (It is located in Palm Springs Ca.) I am sure they just wanted to leave a message, I understand... But we had to work real hard to clean it off. This is the only marker Jordan will ever have for the rest of time; We could never replace it. Please let others know, so this won't happen to anyone else. Thank You,, and God Bless. ...Leslie
At 8:51am on October 10, 2009, Gerry Fiden said…
Dear Leslie,
I try to respond to all, but you are right sometimes I am so overwhelmed with saddness that I can not. Like you I read all letters posted and feel the pain and the love of those writing them. I just realized your son Jordan's birthday is Sept. 8th, I saw your birthday message. That is the day of my son's rebirth, that is the day he died. My only consolation is that he is with God. In about an hour I will be speaking to the boys who witnessed the accident and also their mom. The one held my sons hand and tried to move the car off of Ric, as he thought he was still alive. Hope we all get through this conversation. They too were devastated by what they saw. I will take you up on the personal e-mail. Here is mine, remind me to tell you how I got my e- address. pupeluvr@live.com
Love, Gerry
At 9:23am on October 7, 2009, Gerry Fiden said…
Dear Leslie,

Jordan was gorgeous, and I am sure a wonderful young man. I feel for your loss. Sad but true, we do find comfort in others tragedy. Like you, I do not want my son to look down and say, mom I ruined your life. God, I loved him so much but missed out on so much of his life as he lived in Fl; and I am in N.Y. Trips down there and phone and text messages just were never enough. I was there in March and six months later my son's life was taken. The pain is so bad and the tears never stop. He was a good man, son, husband,father, and friend. Like Jordan, he too had a crazy sence of humor. Just like his mom's. Back in the 70's the song YOU AND ME AGAINST THE WORLD, by Helen Redy was popular. We were alone, as his dad had left us. We always had to sing it right to the end. As a grown man if we heard the song...we had to do it. His last words to me when we spoke were always, I Love You. I hold onto this memory.
As for my emotions and what I am feeling you are so right. Friends are still letting me talk and cry, but I know eventually they will not want to hear about the details of my son's death any longer. I need to know, as I brought him into this world. I just want to know that he didn't suffer. He is with God now and hopefully looking down and saying I Love Ypu Mom.
We, on this site are all in this together, feel free to contact me anytime you need too.

At 3:43am on October 5, 2009, Tami said…
He is so handsome, I am so sorry for your loss, I too lost my son, he was in a motorcycle accident on 06-22-09, this is the hardest thing any parent will ever have to endure.

At 7:25am on September 23, 2009, sharon said…
I just lost my son on Sept. 14,2009. I am still numb, confussed, sad and empty. He just turned 39 on Aug.20. He was a very private person and slowly started to pull away from his sister, father, and me. We knew something was wrong but never thought this would be the outcome. I feel I cannot go on without him. There is so much pain. I know how you feel and pray it will get better.
At 2:16pm on September 11, 2009, Leslie L. Fiorda said…

From the time of your conception,
Til the time that you were due.
From before you saw the sunlight
With-in my heart you grew.

I'll not forget those tiny hands,
That seemed to need me so.
I help'd you as you took each step,
not wanting to let you go.

It feels like only yesterday,
That I signed you up for school.
Jr. high has passed me by,
So fast, I feel the fool.

You seem to grow so big and strong,
Baseball was your game.
Remember that scout, who sought you out,
And asked for you by name.

I cherish every memory,
Each and every single one.
And I pray that up in Heaven
Your Birthday there is fun.

And forgive me son for crying,
It's just hard with-out you here.
I wonder if you miss me too.
Or wish that I was near.

I think back to yester-year
Though not so long ago.
I feel inside the same old fear
Not wanting to let you go.

I love you and I miss you,

And I am not the only one.
And I know someday we'll meet again.
When our journey here is done.
..........Love Mom
At 1:38pm on September 11, 2009, Jim Birch said…
I lost my son Jimmy on August 31, 2004. My wife and I just couldn't believe tht 5 years go go by so fast and how in the world we made it through. Well, I believe that if we pay a little attention to what goes on in our heart and soul when we are mourning, especially to be aware of the first time we find ourselves enjoying something, we will realize that the Lord made us to get through things like losing a child.
How is this done, well, because of faith, my son is and "is" and not a was. This means that I can cry a few times a month when I think that I would sure love to hug him and then realize that he is ok and in a place that is just wonderful. Please don't think that I am over the loss. I just realized that our brains are geared to begin living again after such a big loss. Not forgetting but begining the journey of living.
So, with the fact that It still sucks the my Jimmy is not here and shedding a tear is OK with the face that he is protected from all harm and is haveing the time of his afterlife makes me love the Lord even more because I know that he is in His house.
Please stay well,

Jim Birch
Woodstock, Maryland
At 10:57pm on September 8, 2009, Leslie L. Fiorda said…
At 10:55pm on August 31, 2009, richard mom said…
Your poem touches my heart.What a beauitful way to express the love you have for your son.We should all try to find it in our souls to let our love carry us to the place you are even though you lost your son too.Every one needs to find something that makes them feel better.That does not mean it's ok but just trying to find s way to live till we can see them again.
At 11:13am on July 21, 2009, Leslie L. Fiorda said…
I lost my son, Jordan Daniel Fiorda; he was only 23 years old. It has been two years already. Is there anyone out there who knows how I feel? Or, would like to write me? I would like to hear about your child too. Maybe we can help each other.

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