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At 7:39am on September 24, 2012, Jo Brown said…

No I didn't find it yet.



At 7:45pm on March 4, 2012, Theresa LaSalle said…

Also, Karen you did the right thing staying away from him when you had a cold..I too had a cold when my sister passed away. I had to stay away.

I have two grown male sons and a wonderful ex husband. So enjoy hubby and girls.


At 7:42pm on March 4, 2012, Theresa LaSalle said…

Hi Karen,

Sorry to be so annoying but I sent such a long response to you before..but it's no where on this site...did you get the email about me planning a kind of tribute to my mom, etc.

In any case, my sister, Annie, passed away five years before my mom. My dad passed away when I was 11. I'm 64 now...and I too feel alone..as they are all gone. So I get your concerns.  

Keep in mind I'm here.


At 6:28pm on March 4, 2012, Theresa LaSalle said…

Oh Karen...No need to reply....I just didn't see it on the site and I was wondering if I sent it properly and if the site received it..You need never reply or reply in a day week or whenever...whatever is good for you...please no worries.

Be good to yourself.

At 5:36pm on March 4, 2012, Theresa LaSalle said…

Hi Karen,

I sent you a long response about an hour ago. Not sure if you got it.


At 2:37pm on March 4, 2012, Theresa LaSalle said…


I'm here for you.

Be good to yourself.


At 4:23pm on March 27, 2010, Jan Hoyle said…
Karen, I'm so sorry I didn't get back tp you. I've had ALOT of very unpleasant things going on - first & foremost, trying to finalize my Dad's estate. My youngest sister is in charge of everything - I'm the oldest of 3 girls & that "job" was supposed to fall to me but I was "deemed unable to handle it"!! (by my 2 younger sisters & their husbands). I'll explain why that & many other hurtful decisions were made in more detail when I have more time. I just wanted to answer you back so you wouldn't think I didn't care or was ignoring you. I would NEVER do that! Please write back. I feel like I've made a friend, a very caring friend. Thank you so much, Jan And yes, use my email address ANYTIME!!!!!!!!
At 2:53pm on March 18, 2010, Jan Hoyle said…
Dearest Karen, I know what you mean about "tearing-up" or just outright crying! The love of my life, my encourager, MY ROCK, giver of unconditional love (no matter what her "black sheep" had done that time). She was my EVERYTHING!!! I lost her May 8, 2006 & I "tear-up" or usually break down crying because the pain is so deep & there's absolutely NOTHING I can do to get to hold her in my arms again, to tell her how very sorry I am for all the rotten stuff I did!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I told her constantly, even before she got sick, how very sorry I was for everything. She ALWAYS put her arms around me & said, Jan, I love you, I forgive you & there's NOTHING you could EVER do to change that!! She said what broke her heart was the heavy burden of guilt I carried because I couldn't forgive myself. (I still can't - in fact, it's worse now). GOSH, please forgive me for going on like I did! I simply meant to tell you I could identify with alot of your feelings. Would you please answer me at my email address? Janrrscl@aol.com
At 10:59am on January 30, 2010, Karen Simonetti-Russo said…
As most of you know, I lost my 94 y.o. beloved Dad in November 2009. I was "ok" until last week when I realized when Richard (hubby) & I take trips we can no longer call my parents when we return to let them know we got home ok! We had a whole trip "ritual" with them: I gave Dad our flights to & from, sometimes call from the airport, you know, that kind of thing, etc. etc. All that's gone...Mom's there but it's NOT the same! How do I get past this? Another thing is my parents will NEVER know that I finally saw the Great Wall of China; also if something bad happens, they won't know that either!
At 4:25pm on January 15, 2010, JunePeony said…
I am so very sorry that man directed his anger and grief at you! That's not okay. (My own sister has vented her anger at me over her rebellious relationship with Mom). It's hurtful and painful.
I often said to Mom (& Dad) that I was going to try to get them to make it to 100 years-old. And I know that would still not be long enough. At Mom's wake a waiter asked how old she was and when I replied '84' he kind of shrugged it off like it was expected. It felt like a slap in the face. No matter how young or old our parents are when they pass on it would ever be long enough. Life passes in the blink of an eye and the feelings of loss are equally devastating.

Lisa (JunePeony)

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